Upcoming Best smartphones Launches/Cover By Rmal

Upcoming Best smartphones Launches
Upcoming Best smartphones Launches

Well, I’ll give you all the eggs out of the studio. Are you all about the media? What are those? I’ve got to be fully egg, though, ISIS.

What if I look at the topic of a tiny subset popular that this article is about which ones are going to launch next month, upcoming smartphones for July?

Yeah, I see those 2 billion-dollar digital. Absolutely. Jam-packed. There are hundreds. Aguinaldo unboxing Goodrow order of article. I said you know something about a lot of quantic on the phones out there. I my Interlaken.

Yeah I like them but they argue that I money. We get a notification for me that Jesse’s home article to compare subsidiary label Ludo’s stole Araji phone three is launching in July near 99 percent. Confirmation of a key launch window outlet.

I don’t mid-July launch the 865 processor only while I here. I mean. Yeah, but I’ll be back.

9. 85 minimum Piccone. Here are 2 specifications. Case out the item. I think about putting up with zero but I knew. But mid-July Zadow dooly. What are you to do? So I skipped out of season Flinter in 2013. Once again those 2 leakings.

I am not sure July may launch yoga Shi’ah. July May already three Orjan Auto Scan next month. Emails and phone Teryn know.

I don’t get these confirmed ads influence of heaven is not keen for those.

Still, Motorola is back. Joan on a launch. Get that fusion Plessey a phone. That was amazing. It’s boxing possible and they got those are they keep licking scotch water. A Bass Fabián Morto Fusion series. Come on, we’ll get more of your agenda.

Welcome to the American 710 process that builds up. I accidentally ended up by three BTC Europe’s headquarter Kammenos only 6.5 there in Turkey.

If you do split-screen at it, 21 years Smith and it be cheap. Cheaper on that I up on the Nasdaq Sebe come to Cape Ramzi may launch was like that.

What do you mean? There’s still more talk. He energy light that edge.

Plus I might either launch or grab a light on in a seat. Right. Welcome, Semenov and 765 pro-Satterberg Bilger what he calls to screen. We’re getting a whole new idea and I doubt he made it to it in July that long. Joga he asked about him.

It either confirmation that but it can definitely broadside roomer subject.

I’ll be at it. So Morto Fusion and Motorola 8 light the four and we have been talking about it for a very long time. Do you guys give out to? No doubt about it. Goddamn me about going to 1plus 8 like one plus nard one placea jobi Scott.

Yeah. Basically lighter, cheaper variant Venezuela or Petel on. Honestly I sit behind the ague parties that kidney tmb so that kidney deal is so cheap, 765 due processes that a when they will lay, people, like I might get home.

How did you ever see some divisive rumors that it did come from me?

But I am pretty sure Cuba. And did you like it? Palynologist everyone loved you like that. The one is available today. Know this is one of the most rated smartphone launches in July of this year.

Your phone here will confirm Pinelake, you know, being there to knock a whole girl’s QSA. I am not sure at all potential for series design. Made your phone’s that c.Done leave your basement in Drogo 765 G processor Bill Gaetano’s.

Let me ask you about three B tickets. There are four cameras. 48 megapixel get to specifications. Case out. I hope it is not a complete premium flagship legging toward. Premium mid-range guys are gorgeous like that. But cameras are going to be quite good.

Yabbie guesstimate about that gun form Tuqay July launch Ohga but now with indebting not shy it July, August Muthoni day.

I am not sure about it but strong jones it makeup. They see those tall Pugliese we will carby extra 50 c.D you had that our chances that it might launch but I am not confident about clicking milk.

I’m here Opko but on a board in Bordin to extra dcd me. I like only Dota influence to make 765 GP got a reflective level 865 processor are being we’re going to win new outlet and chair specifications.

Or just how much of you will give phones with. They.

I take em and ask is how they get what females do. Will our legible camera setup have a side door. Put all of it and Hoga they say here and there are the chances that it will launch in July.

But figured with a pinch of salt razor stopcock on the upcoming cover, you do I tell that could you out what I had to like Zerrougui did attorney let to him, what did you put on? Where do they keep it coming on?

I’m glad you made it out of, say, Opko Hearts and replace the Woomelang.

It puts Lawnwood Zero Woolfolk that I’ve said or so confirmed. Hey, this is the one plus a much-had substance will give away Logan most orated.

I’ve got a great launch here that will help Boko him to broke up and the second week of July may in fact see my mom, you know a lady by the guy. Yeah, I know. Well, hey, it is going to be around 20, 25 days from now.

But let me come and look for the second week of July me and launch data and the mini substitute tubby medicine. Rodo.

So this is going to be mid-mid-range average premium mid-range. Conforto got to be set, but this is that it could be to me whenever I left. I’m begging you. I think about it but I have to.

Perrone Annual Aleppo to pro zero running late July, the second week of July. So Pichler July me it Katrín deployer. What are you seeing him again? I’ll be the coach confirmation. Let me get her Debro Yefet even me for you. Don’t be shy.

Let me get your phones. Hey, Yabe he launches a page like me but I didn’t get him in it.

I made it plus confirmation America I’m happy to go but I’m like okay I get up. Rukia will influence Ghalia through you. Wait, so July, yeah, August in Dover, definitely not until July, Mahle, Gammie. I am not 100% sure.

MI four ended Mikiko the enemy. Get out of S.V. those store doting Fawn’s launch one.

Well, I don’t know man, but I love the enemy. C11 just like Malaysia. Indonesia, I mean the body eagle leotard little didn’t you know me or to Skippy’s us. We’re going to do about Baharuddin Parlophone.

I like G 35 feet up and multilateral. You just see elevon him. We’ll see Nomsa in the eye. Maybe Aissata mid-July. I don’t mean to the second or third week of July. Definitely, a launcher that we’ll see launch even in middle school. A sea horse at the Haikui.

He’ll make us six s gabey launch all day. Yes. Success, basically 48-megapixel camera setup.

What do I like? GFP we’ll get it is plus it. G9 is processor bill, a new outlet.

So it would be I didn’t dare sip on the rise. IP range will hold up and it’ll be the lighter variant of real MI six DRDO MI six, B.G. 90 deep beta. But today are two specifications that are geared toward an I’m and I will get I’ll get up and pedicle to get the shot. I had thought it comes with that. Let’s wait for it.

But their success and really C11 both strong johns they launch mid-July though so don’t feel bad about that. You go off quickly.

Can you launch or Google Hamshire Oggy? He was one of these that I’m about to Google pixel for Achy. There are chances but not that Hossack. I do in fact the but strong Moseby. I think you made your life.

We’ve been going to being called on to a new finish. I don’t impose one go there will read. Q I just say so.

your overall environment is extraordinary circumstances. A couple of yahoos attack. Would you be unique it is we are living in such Bednarski odds? Ga ga ga ga ga.

Nothing can be said to jump in there to knock out. You’ll be woes curacy and insanity’s it change will be in Fujiyama so and outsmarts SmartWool in this V especially is going to get affected with it.

So pick everything that I’ve been done so it doesn’t matter what I skip out in the confirmation time. What’s up Fawn’s may in.

They say those 2 anti-China movements confi that Linnik India, India, Micromax Lala Carbon Year companies. Hey, Gideon gives false launch.

Got no idea. And child the July he launches go today. I’ll be there. Would you be me?

I see how I got it. Good. You’re 48. 55 guys equals it you x 58 50. I’m not sure what you will gig Benjamin at least together so LAWA might be the first to launch it. Micromax thinks I could be informed. Look at it Garba maybe dykey will be fonds look at it.

So Geia July’s chockablock full of smartphone launches. I see those who are bold blue Samsun get out of Sebe MTD Skillern Kikhia the phones launch that day especially I’m 51 so yes those phones are possible but no confirmation. D-R decimated by Diablo’s stock Barnhart’s had earphones on.

Meanwhile ahead of you, me, and some of them especially that Nahed.

Yeah or bookworm Duplo. Yaddo told us about this launch window lamp. They can get price got the esq because that is going to be Doki popular on an enterprise you and the other. So I got up baby. I like a moment. The space we don’t make them ugly.


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