A Great Realme TV 43” Unboxing

A Great Realme TV 43” Unboxing
A Great Realme TV 43” Unboxing

How many of us you’ll have we’ll have 43 in just is what he would end up doing. Just stop cutting his boxcar.

Unboxing Denga committed false impressions. But thank you. I guess I he’s got article. Hey he’s got audio linking those to skip Ali. I’ve got to tell you about our money time.

We do get some naughty because, you know, we get J.C. Ham Radio. I applaud him. Blaine Brown box here. Those sort. And black, really. They could. Oh, real me and great TV. Google assistant thought that Netflix out there had Dolby audio with support. Go ahead, Graham. Cast the net or join my best article. They were three inches.

That is a hundred. And it seemed to me does or doesn’t matter.

Now time to open the box. Yeah. BVM name quality and buckskin. They’re basically Opko I, I’m to more companies that have documentation that sodomy stand.

I mean I joked last week that all metal stands, plastic stands him and Jodha screws GIGO. Romney could mean Soki because very very easy yabuki of those to scare Equador TV stand out. I have one lone thing stand one that he milda hey walk with separately.

Me and I will go to jail. So Bob, they had for ten buttinsky and so you could Chadwicks my TV map for you. Yeah.

Being HDMI ports in WSP 2.0 portent you will not board to be a a.d.a happy basically free to air channel top with the now. But I didn’t like the Warby op Garibaldi’s. Stevie gets out three point five m m danker nada bad.

Seriously budget beebees Nadima lamented the economy and Candy Smith reported five M and Jack had sodomy Autogen forty five ghab he supported. Which is really good.

I mean do you see any oppor. See that. Put your internet cable Edward ballgame on internet gets out. Musina gays get Sparke Biscuit. That’s a subset of football to Jean-Luc.

It is very Boxey or I see like that I keep bezels B could be the uptight you’re gonna get but that’s elegant. But knee tejal shouldn’t go home. I made TV keep what 20 more did and sideway it is flush. In fact, door frame will slightly idea at it which basically I put your bandolim we’ll say will support.

Got the rest. Everything looks normal to me though so I will be back by child who got this setup. Growthier and Bright DVM.

So let me get started with that and also that the TV set up Haught.

I got to play to a telephone like getting to know the whole day I had beebees setup and is a stock android deha kwi skill. But you are looking me in generally to safety with your dear smart was me you. I thought you stock Android.

Hey Android nine point zero hand mojca security better sup.

They got those who set up companies or maybe it was ready that a seamless jump. You do see more. Ten Bluetooth 5.0 was up got the in DV support. Got that and booboo tick and it coday I had a blast.

Would be a sweet as God but the Oron setup was seamless so quickly I put specifications but I do skipped one g.v. them into g.v. sorted out to have Skyhigh laid jahad though.

So we’ll have MediaTech good quarter GoPro sody up the hill at PVA.

It’s me mediatheque up process that I want and I’ll get up speakers or do you talking about a robot out to Chad speakers downward facing it and the total output job they weren’t doing before work. So you’re either a key yade your head. It is a budget.

DeeVee Yes. It is not a premium TV budget TV Hoga you price mirror you subsid pieces of Cannito Yoda. Yes, I meant about that.

I like BVA you it and you made just me mediatheque up for us to set out that.

So woodenness of that. Plus Smith Forkin here it is a free to do TV so opko pieces I can teach you. Definitely Mileti at least Muji ac look back those store Yadira Key Yade your hair Yabe Professor define who do play shorts who gets off your name and TV do you will Google too certified will go out that he’s come much love accomplished.

Draw me to him and Apple Apps. We’re going to download Garbology Preinstalled Labs.

We bortz out and watch him maybe inside you it isn’t Netflix. Prime radio is in fact a remote keuper dedicated buttons at the end. Netflix Prime YouTube is gillion or rather Sogeti murky about upcoming although Opko but I don’t keep simple tidy more ten likin buttons him one two one on button here skip by mid Google assistant ga dedicated button up one minute ahead.

And yes that Ringa that you’re downloading Jordahl meets up I’ll get to the end make a phone call Gabey to the time and as they call the what’s familiar not the idea look a little keep which adds I think a good touch to this remote.

Tenille saw a bot that they had displayed about email. Obviously it D.V. made your display with the subsidies. Are they important with the ham?

And my first impressions, your display, I tell you either here, but Jake, I think he got DVM. We’ll see. Some say you’re afraid to depend on him. It looks nice, especially up, obviously.

We’ll get there. We’ll get the ball that Teddy gave up. I’ve got to say it again. Let’s give it back to Michael. Not keep talking. They’re not the best.

They’re not the worst. Everything’s going up but a Teeside ring and goes out the basement. The only game got Hecky one. Seventy eight degrees set off with the bogey at all.

Upcher. But our whole got a wee problem, this item, because you look at him, thought they wouldn’t be able to see it properly without any issues.

So you either here for Kip on the here Laken airfreighted he had with HDI 10 support the story either. He has certified Android TV Hornick as it Chromecast. Yohei will bring it to you. Hey, come on love opko do a 2D screen now get funky while output costs go up.

I’ll get bored treaties if Gronkowski is it garbology. You don’t need to buy it from cost only.

Or thought be split about do subsidiarity cheese, what the hell, audio. And it has got to before what? Audio which is loud. The quality game I’m never going up toward. I say Coke, La Liga. But it is loud bass. So I get it. A tire. But I not a rich.

So and I don’t expected in this place that it will make a hunger. Audio is average.

So tell you about their beef quality game and Plastiki AB stands with. They could be tricky. But a decent plasty can. In fact we may. Well talk to us. It is quite late.

It doesn’t feel like I need to talk. But it’s what’s in your. It is around seven gauges. Exotic cheese will do those for Jumba mess. I cannot take these men but. But I’m will gapo Hindi language cumbie. Some more days come and live on that are pointless. You are not familiar with it. Well you problem the Hindi may not be so many.

Did you find any of those two Muji. You’d be weak case here like.

And I was using the remote Stockmann would have thought of starting missiles where they can walk Uki and Rody and started getting what I thought Skipp had me. It was very smooth and one dbe them mediatheque process.

If you keep stuck with your upgrade performance move him.

I told him if I am anybody any day gucky your screen they were Burgert flea’s will get it will be so from that perspective it was good and subsea to do so.

You do a Vanney land right. Ayles QSA of bugs will get it. Beilke will be need to keep Barnhart’s today. Absolutely. Their daughter nearly getting into that Hoga but love Netflix right. We didn’t got.

They will get over a. Cool I’m gonna Boki content Ozbek Bogi which I think is great.

Good picture quality. Beahm would. Yeah. Telegu black so I get it. I get up sullenness. They will get it. Obviously amulet banally will get in a vehicle laden that he had.

Yep. But still I liked it so I think we’ll get a great great dove. But Somnia set up what they call the Behati I at to here blacks the cape glove’s. We’ll get a Jóhann will Punti him in those days. Smith I look at a picture Maude’s me a job.

They I got Opko one ticklers will get it to you. We’ll be up to bogy or what.

I think this is a white good offering or this of the enemy DV forty three and just gives you a prize. I will head twenty when people lean on those thirty Scaturro HD eighty three doing just got words and and why ahead.

British people main actor in 2000. I’d say this is a decent boffing basically for Apple. We don’t cut. I’m going to smell like Bob. Well do you do TV. Hey are being imported and making food to get food aid.

Beebe’s your handbill made in India when you play dog back. Just won’t get. I’ll be along. Don’t give us it when he got it. But otherwise we would have had made in India TV made in India Vietnamese.

The loss is over but they got Opko. Yeah mediocre Sillen not a Talagi like zerrougui jigga. Those place Fudo made they.


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