Its About Asus Zenph 7 & Zenph 7 Pro Review

Its About Asus Zenph 7 & Zenph 7 Pro Review
Its About Asus Zenph 7 & Zenph 7 Pro Review

That’s good to know. So that is about Zenph one seven and seven, four and seven, bro, are in the Army. I had to I guess I had seven X, seven Z, sorry, not X, seven Z, Nancy.

Every seven Z broken IMC due to copyright issues. Copyright trademark issues will get it.

But they Apple guy what I listen like in those still Bitlis aka the most underrated flagship smartphone make owned. So that was six. And also six. Six.

That mean I could go. You have a primary driver on board. You know that many system, al-Qaeda. And I was impressed. And I’m waiting for seven Z. to launch in India, honestly. Q Sapwood. But I’m not going to skip a little stock a fairly wide on again about the subscription number. William, I like comedy.

It all figured out how many we took get sub notification off. Let me get Jesse and we’ll upload content.

So that flip camera has got too many advantages. Motlop I got they could get to be too radical. I mean, I set up our Odjick. I’ll be going to see me. Cheer and of the Zen and seven. Yes, Severns had to join the army. I dug up Shi’ah.

I’m crossing my fingers. You’re getting a three point game and I set up selfie as well as back.

Or do you just set up here though. It is really really good. Sixty four megapixel IMX six eight six Goffe primary sends it out.

I am twelve megapixel. Got that. That is also Sony IMX 363. These are not too sensitive. Those two eight made up in Silicon Valley Forge ahead which gives you 3x optical zoom Suchi of those two Yahi setup BTB or IGB for red as well as selfie camera.

That’s crazy. Absolutely crazy. This is also Xenephon seven or seven promesa are very different than ninety hip Processo. You have brought me eight sixty five plus here are normal jahad well 865. It didn’t matter what a difference.

A six one Grandage and eight one doing it upwards Zenph one seven women they have it a seven Bril only has HGV 256 gibi variant on others not born on me he opko dedicated as the guard Slark mealtime allopathy Beaugard slow about that.

But yes, one difference from six Z is going to be No.

Three point five m m jack hatada at three point five azouz is influence seven MACV Niccolò Get up Cuonzo up like you Plaga just three point five m m. Hey back to give I’ll never be five thousand million Biraki by three at thirty walk a fast charging. No problem. Absolutely.

That link in the saga displeasing about going there is some sort of prizes.

Yes. Displayed you’ll have those to emulate display. Ninety Hertz got fast efficient at a six point six seven inch gap. But our display here, 92 percent Gilbreth screen. Do what you do. You sure go slow. So it is a great notch less screen, but it does not.

I mean, this Bluefin, Goodwins, a side, a mounted finger, Brinton’s it out. I’m not sure USC Jackie Siteman did the idea and not in display even if I’m late.

Hey, those always come out and go to those xenu us having not the have which is based on a ten point zero and no complaints that are very, very keen, close to stock and raise up the voice. Come on, let me know.

Tension and obviously very natural variation, which no one else does.

We are going to get solid performance IQ and Kyuki and BDD at five Ramey’s under which is ladies and you if it’s three point to one head. So gaining performance will get it will be top notch. Absolutely no problems.

So let’s say your team will delmonte. Yeah. Yeah.

He broadly substrates irrigations there in twenty minutes when I launch you into him. Would you like that if one bahah the challenge. Well. Unfortunately we do.

Yeah but any aguy, I mean launch organdy I don’t know, I mean Selecta Hecky damage Shi’ah launch and then all get to keep the prize. Keep us up. We’ll get to Zenph. Wouldn’t be surprised.

I get up there and when he’s done book can wait until the fifty five thousand gargiulo sixty one to India speak of it and then we’ve got that fifty five thousand rupees eight wondering Deards influence and then cost sixty thousand or the provision into seventy thousand will be sky.

That’s too much. I’ve got a surprise meeting them I had to make.

All right then. It’s not a great deal to be honest with you John. If you’ve got a tier triphones means that they will see prizing anyway.

But I’ve got to get in the army off the road, 40000 men about oh seven Zedekiah Yefet is influence here in Jobin. I’m at Lewski, so definitely it will work around forty thousand. I know to you, Joe brought that idea to our own forty five fifty that PKP Middle School.

But I mean I’m not sure because everything is about the price, everything is about the money.

Get them up to. I did the whole upchucking milk diet. Yeah.

Yeah. About another Lusaka’s influence seven and it has influence seven Brocky about him. I’ll give him an apple please so I’ll have to let it come into action.

Mizoram Fujita know since we don’t make today and live we just keep talking.


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