OPPO The Most Impressive Smartwatch

OPPO The Most Impressive Smartwatch
OPPO The Most Impressive Smartwatch

Today was the leak.Ortega’s up out of that three area. And what do you have today?

I have awful watch with me, although I forgot about it today. Sorry, smartwatch many. I did that unbox gear, first impressions the way you skier went. And I tell you what. This is one of the most free Childreach. And it is one of the most impressive smartwatch I have come across.

May I put Kumalo? But Dunga unboxing Gough Whitlam vision Dunga on to its name. This event, we’ll be right on the lake in whiskey.

I like them, but they all give you that money. We do get some notification.

Appleman Day Jayce a medio upload to get there. So for it I know for a full scale launch event with a pool watch launch, whatever I say, Scotton Boxing or Forese Britain’s got to the end and he hired those, they kick up. But right now we have got to open a awful watch. Let’s open the box. All right.

Oh look at this. Oh my God. Seriously, this is a bigger deal. Those are helpful. But I do kismet.

Forty six m m m 41 m m exit door dials out there. How might it pass your hardware 46 m m. And this has a pronounced pronounced curved glass discovers it. So he made premium declared this item. It’s a push button in my low AutoCAD box. We will take them.

All right. You have a charging cradle. You take it. And finally you have the documentation.

Okay, so let’s keep this aside. And yet you had the store put in a Ford broke his heart. Hmm. Better come now. I’ll tell us about command quality. You see your Fremantle. So that is aluminum or neat. Opko ceramic and plastic car.

A combination Milda. And it is very strong. Obviously we’ll put together if we go the glass.

I’ll just I got a strap going about it. About to walk in. Very nice. I’ll book it. This is Florida. But I like it. Whatever it is. I like it. Tails though. Borton Buttinsky thought they call it the head.

You can take map Cordoba gunsmiths. Damn. Put on your head. That is good one. And then green beans to audit by the name on the left hand side. Those top up with speaker Green Day. Yes, it has to good as well as microphone on any ticket out of Opko Jod magnetic points edge of upgraded beat up go charging clear that is when I visit.

Also blew off gooky new ticket out of Opko audible buttons.

Militaire I don’t know is that you get to your ticket you. That ought to be a Belko actual mini golf ball game. Look at this.

So now it’s time to start to the watch that you had set up to your board. Look at that. I get off comedy and boxing to look like Gunnamatta Bullier, a teeny like the amputee and boxing naked. No problem. But come in. Zablocki data read Oise by Google.

Who? Who who invented first. All right. Look at this. Yes, I’ll tell you what, they have padding and it requires apps do apps like they understood it, the Google Car Van Oys upcoming show coming up in up on to prove I could go ahead.

He. I hit Abdula hit app in the Heat.Hey, that’s your job. Those who give you up Gwinn sunk Ivanovo Cement link meta description mydata.

Although Sojo betting process hey it is quite easy bluebook they call game magic you can expurgated will get. I did not have any problem betting with opposite put in a football.

Barely but I’m just gonna throw those it. You do realize that. Thank you.

But you opko but I know have austerity’s it so it better to kick had a car. Heck is button Justice Scalia’s Sepich so that is good. Mr.. So you just green. It is amazing. 3D flexible screen at one point nine one Inchcape and one large screen it so it is very bright and Golos make him laugh.

Blacks are absolutely black and Glasby they keep on visits who are going to care about a robot girl so humid. But Putland generally smartwatch me need shiota.

But yes, I had a maid taught him day babies who was always Masini in 72 percent Gilberte screen to Bardy ratio. Here are Foxo Nick Skop. Right Miss. That is really bright sunlight now bored by the decor. Can you give me a bottle of what you spend Dick Tenney if you speed. Definitely.

Clearly up with some quick thinking to some outcompetes specifications.

Give out. I mean what is red ball process that is out there. Yes. No. There could be 100 out there. Yes. Or do so you’ll have we’ll have big micro Apollo Creed.

Yes. Much Love Jepp op intensive tasks. We’ll get it to 31 under some. I’ll get it. Or the automated also again, estimate that the second processor will be used one day. I made those tweets me and it Jeab stories you Motlop songs were going to be obstacle to Paul Garretti Smith speaker to speak. Couldn’t get through be op soon Pogi began.

But the other cadeaux placement you seem to hear that your global media tells me you see my dad.

You spent a year this other by thinking about it on Botkin to for 30 million Biraki back be a Smith. I’ll put in a for promised sixty five word Gung Wook György Luke Flash charging a fast charge get support at the hip and this one also supports woop Farstad job or Polglase got.

Keep under a minute to get up jobs. Go get the solar take off. Go back up Milada.

But let me. It goes up to like forty six person. So both the phone as well as the watch support phos judging or the other. I want to see one more of the app is to micro get two or three 21 days. Got backup me legoff this I’ve less and so give out everybody go on.

Salvesen says I pay. Obviously it is high end smartwatch subi since I was out to him Harpreet since I to hey continuous heart rate sensor to be Satomi geomagnetic sensor out to him autogiro school behaves in another so it is waterproof five ASTM got support has come and up 50 meters by now he can eat.

Gibby’s out the head which is difficult to pick which problemi G.P.S. goes up Forte and Bluetooth 4.0.

What they gonna do degan any of the activity tracking will get up, they will get to sube out. They in fact he is mid dottiness any more to operate. Relax dunnhumby up.

Marination will get it built or put relaxed wallboard out a five minute. Want to go moored out the head. Dump it bunch murkily wake up call. Good. What a coconut the war subjugates may have. Orsatti features it and I like it.

It’s a software Botkin. I toned up a pot I know for Prole and this one because of that 3D.

Go to glasswork. Get it you’re doing or be. They look very, very similar Motlop. They go hand-in-hand. Yeah, but a screen gets out on the edge. Your head chaubey screen gets up. Yes. It looks like a mini smartwool. And seriously look at them this year though. So this is not just a smartwatch, it is like a smartphone. QQQ Vado.

It’s got to support head actually OP Apps, Google Play store, say download cut up all game skill but bots how the apps go support the hip so you’ll want to enjoy playing with this one. Watch races are very important for a smartwatch 3D movie theater out there in Cahill that may already thirteen there.

I think we’ve got a police story up order. We don’t need to get a dressing feature out there.

Those for a scan that Jesse up now. Dalloway in red, blue, green. You’ll be skop photo ledet or oskay. He stops here. We’ll customize getting our collective coordinate. Great advice. Come a lot better. Watch it.

We’ll be up get Caprock suggested because that’s a very interesting feature.

Also, Baqi Subi features out there Motlop activity tracking sleep tracking a skinnier Jobi Opko boards will get their support him it this chockablock full with features but like smartwatch we jobi opko which are yet a boy watch nearly has it done.

Orteig Botkin I tongue. I just ran it by Labor Day though. Still photo.

I’ll put in a photo broke up. We’ll watch Salk’s severely. Then finally what is the prize.

We’ll take Alec the haze. What smartwatch. Give me up watching you about me. It looks good. It is premium object Dalkia Dalgaard. Definitely people are going to see anyway. Go ahead.

But can I tell Netto stop Gyi upside Aisgill Aisgill conquering hero Geto back to read your head will behold Zelda Cat Deeley cut them all day. You saw that.

There’s one thing that iPhone but the updates Cassard child there will be improvement but all I got was here. What and we’re more beat up there. What the basic is didn’t keep battery life optimality.

Have you spend all or dial’s out there for two NMM and forty six. What do you want?

I mean, give your prize, it should be two thousand forty six M-m. Keep your head. Twenty thousand. I’ve got to finish it all. Men need your description.


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