Realme C15 Unboxing

Realme C15 Unboxing
Realme C15 Unboxing

A lot of us beautiful up there, your funds, a lot of us, Hanni Palani, I don’t even know the reason why this phone exists. But again, those ads got me a little ahead. VLCC 50 and got unboxing our first invasion’s.

This is going to be a very, very short radio or OPKO, but today I got Cuma say about subclause with only those polygamist.

Upload it to him. No many QCA hockey.

Is there a reason that this phone should exist? I doubt it, but let me see.

Twelve Gluskin on TV out there. That will be Coheed difference in Ngaio thought Otho. So you’ll get Zadok difference ninety. Hey, yes. CEDO got unboxing in first impressions. I got up Mini they got the zero jacket. They get a little scared of me they kick. You could put on unboxing makeup new know sporty or changes him.

Well go. But I know I know they can benedek them box man.

See where does he though start is maybe uppercase name Milvia leaking documentation is that this is the phone but I’ll Ricardos store and this is a bit more challenging. Design the differences. See well and see if you feed me Keesey to me.

That’s what got the hair. It’s made your hair. I can’t walk. Go charging Milda apple and seem micro USB cable. OK that’s about it. It’s also you unboxing.

Bosky Jigga. You do. Fawn’s here in Gipper’s day care or Mudjimba. There you go on to fall.

Once I hit you by are behind forms a signal may in fact they are twins and triplets but I yet as a rule meechie this one is obviously c fifteen and until you cut this, let’s open it. Or this is a nice color, though.

Credit where it is due. I like it. It’s different. Well, he blue green. You get any idea? Scooper that behind your hair. We’ll see. We’ll see. They say.

But color is different. Or draw in how you feel. I get it here.

Exactly the same Koivu difference. Neat. But let’s see you do L.A. cop M.O.B., your sargentini Cockney Logi of choice of Nicole Bulaga at home. But I need Teleca without looking at the color look and I see those two.

But other opko your power, silhouette and power blue eye shadow appearance and then you’ll see Trelane, CVT Madona. I didn’t do that to see if we’ve got policies. Really, our teeth will look up ourselves, Evelia.

You’re not going to find any difference. You’re not able to make out the difference.

That is a failure. How many videos are still at their legs or is it I here the alternate title. I tell you, let them. What do we do? They kill. No problem. But come into it and begin. That is a rookie.

So the difference is HACA already many charging about it. The faster I think about him. But do fast to me. Then what guy charging here or 18. What kind. Tazaki a million. Biraki battery dawned on me, he added.

So there’s no difference. Display check sim has equal or Sieff didn’t make any difference on the screen size. Same here though. I got to ask you about him, Bakker, where he really Yueh way and right then had no difference at all. Are men processer jittered if I don’t know me.

You seem ACLU any guy C12 village actually get asked about me. Do they care. Censor’s same fingerprint sensor hair face and lock hair.

Yeah. So basically the same difference. Different guy. What a difference do you get in this. What does the egg about a different job. Magette. Actual Marcellina or what you just made you access. And so I provided. Go ahead. You’ll see to tell. I throw a beer or a spam.

That is a useful Tenzer so that you make a bit of a difference.

But Buckie same old same figure about my current policy. Tell me which may not be tailgated. Smith Automator. Because you’ve got eight megapixels but for Bosket any different.

Merklinger would you have any. I think they’ll be the same. I think difference invariance 3g tgp 32 GBC tell me matter that it is Meadowvale entertain three gibi 32 dbe MindTree Blencoe and came through Belenko. You also get a full duby 64 gibi million. So that’s about it. In this unboxing you Yoki Sahba you could see me.

Although I seem do to make L.M. you alone. So this is what C fifteen is. I got up multiple. Took A B. Dunno. Macie Opko Comptel Zadok value for money like dicy 2015.

Massive tomac on that I’ve got. I provide for does I’ve got any caldo to see fifteen. Give us a what do I see. Twelve is more value for money. Yeah. Ten more than 18 more jabali from the. Didn’t want to be here at the end but argue that we don’t.

Bill are you scared that I played that entire forty five minutes accelerated or since that difference. Hannie. So I tried a sense of do x hey will eighties make Ohga a chase.

Candar Everything. As soon as I’ve got a really solid fiscal bottom and those know you really a Teladoc to like I’m not Buechler. This is really my time. Unlimited gift tracking.


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