The Samsung Galaxy M31s

The Samsung Galaxy M31s
The Samsung Galaxy M31s

Today, Will kill you or eggs over this radio. It does not cause, you know, Bellus handsome new guy, Galaxy M 31. S launch. Yeah, yeah. I get my man boxing.

Yeah. Those come. How many of us box natha. I’ll grab my money box, your box and your convento again. And those don’t seem you had to. I didn’t use retype. See gabled documentation is in bullet or baqi. Absolutely. Forn be like you know obviously was denosumab entered even squeeze the market around.

And there are some features that I really like about this one.

Yeah. It’s here which features him just so he made Border 10 or Matt Opko. But anyway Longpont series is why you should look at it 30 minutes seriously looking to see about on Izabella other. Barely what I want again BEO to subscribe to. No. Would you be like a Mini or you get Dr. Murray.

Would you get some notification. Upcoming date. And video upload content. Just a bally cheese. And this is probably the biggest highlight.

Or Hamish’s. What sort of times informs me that. But he does display.

Remember, this is under 20000 Ford or Opko, your amulet display Mutai Scott. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Blacks, blacks, chicks dig them. Your colors will get ahead, will you, Smith? So he made Panchi hip multimedia. Will get it about DayQuil again.

You will really love it. Or just scream to what it is you have.

Bezels will get you want a bored but limp. So what are going to be displayed about even though it is a big highlight of this phone? So would your Infiniti not have been denied? Jahad Opko paillard indicate Gilligan skip out myg I would say is going to live.

You get so used to each bkb name so that Infinity or Notch is really good. Obviously you do do studies and I say he may but I mean it is big.

Six thousand million bid on KeyBank Rehab Joppa items here. Daughton Digi though. So even if you do more great behavior, you’ll see that I’ve got to get fit to be there though.

Didn’t look need needed would maybe six thousand million. Bura battled with twenty five walked tagine. I got into a dig at my subject me to feel more watchdogging ties me up to it and if I want I’ll get diski qic your booty.

Anybody my TV on set datapoint it damage Talladega. That means JAG’s for one another Marv’s and use it for two days or so and 30 minutes. George Teir has zamili temporality by here. That is also a bar bank. The OP.

He was challenging because it dealt with wire. That’s a big thing.

Docility set out about a highlight Hayes phone. Godb Will has sixty four megapixel in Delhi. Cam Quada Cam and I set setup order Esmay so he made a good camera app. Q About a robot go on those too but about a key features and especially that single sleek feature DRM jump out eight Bodiford only Gallo or does I like.

I got them I at it baby. It’s come into the background. Black, black and white guys I got Benteke Alaska’s high tech for that I got ah obituarists got a ball Geikie by Contar for Toyomi to use government that means it for I log it it would be equal to clicking then photographs are generally quality thinking about him out there.

Bottom of those to though normally conditions metal bahat the chip does at the end there is absolutely no problem.

Low quality maybe make longer for dirty taqi out think but overall decimated. But I have those two key camera features. Joe Hazmi blubbed with that sixty four megapixel Quada camera setup.

Seriously, I mean this is one of the better cameras in that price range, although other macros and so out in Batgirl D Neponset, Melgar, Bixiga Macro sense that I generally abusive ones.

Medek though Domagoj makes him go out less on a five megapixel guy, although he’s making interesting feature that I had just gone on in my type of leps with ninety selfie game. I’m limited.

I’ve got a boy, Ardino Winky Selfie Mikol there of those two up in the up Wide-angle Zabala, Jotter Dockyards, other local accommodate koseki selfie weekend.

Then although S2P Cheney, I gave you the opportunity to a big Silcock camera sensor Mutai Infinity Will Najimy which also works quite well. Glik some good photographs are the feature char tardies in hand.

McCormac which was long corpuscle not at which much longer need but Taxco boards that are popular would I say to mounded fingerprint sensor s and it would read even pahad fast hem.

In fact I’ve been using it and map was aiming with a worki up get unboxing B they call it the Port Foskett open with I guess HeartMate face unlogged. So that is also good feature fingerprint sensor for security, face unlock for comfort.

And finally, there’s still one UI 2.0 and your Oise High School that is based on Android then and many of the Halaby gave out, but it is much improved.

The UI fluid hey simplistic Opko percent data especially.

I got to help you out of Samsun. Got you. UI is to Mulcare. I’ll get bored easily. You will be able to use it. So it is very user friendly as well. Do you like him. I’m Lee Rigby is one of a big reason why you should look at in thirty when it finally does two year we’ll get Bond to buy a highlight.

I’ve got an had you happy. I thought this phone would improve.

Is nice. Nice nine six one one processor temptresses that will top the ticket. Yeah. Regular tasks make wee problem up with the Yorga normally boss will get it up you Skaro game. The thought of heavy abs is the market will give other normal games. We’ll get a top kill.

Will Candy crush Yefet Temple Templeton. We’ll get a quick problem. The ag up making those two beats. California saw, I think, performance processing power to me.

It is slightly below average than what I expected at this price point, though.

What’s Hadayet teaches in equity SCBA jobbie. Would you like TAIKI? It could have been improved. Physical Soggier Performance Art Center focus may yet order a display. Kamina I will get it up. Quite touching.

You definitely made a phone go up, get it cranking up or get off it. And I link to description Midale cheap Addicks Cecil Bidjara with the audio. Jeez had those two Samsung brand hand and non Chinese phone.

I saw, you know, a lot of people out nowadays looking at non Chinese phones and this could definitely be one option under 20000. Delio say sorry to me today. They gave you do that.


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