The Honor MagicBook 15

The Honor MagicBook 15
The Honor MagicBook 15

I’ll give you an example of the Swedish automotive, I said also bought us a box. Yeah. Not get that. Said it is magic book. Fifteen laptops. Yeah.

You those two fellow laptop here on Lurkey that I’ve said it is and being do Indian market with this Bottoni Cheesehead also droppable. But anyways, let’s talk about Laken though so we’ll skip L.A.

Would you like them to say you already did. Thank you. Maybe you’ll get some notification upon me that Jesse and we do upload to cut the hair brown box on early kawa Zadok, which in a year or so. And that’s according to a quote they had actually made. Victor. Hey, Jackie. Hit that. All right.

And this is the charging break. Let us remove the. Look at this nice finish, though, still, Bolton is out there.

We need those two. You get the skipper and and off the edge of a muddy pass in the highway. But give up. Could it all get off? Give us an idea. Got in the box.

Let’s talk about weird quality of little Sagara. They could get blueish upward. And then side maybe they keep that blue shampooer. It really looks good. Look at that. Definitely premium like that. You take that off hop.

But they get to say to me, Opko speaker events mealing it and then advents behind it.

But I say I advantage. I’ll go see your feet. Head of rice feet cheeriest him. You’re up luck, though. There is a gap between the base and the laptop. Oh, those are good. Because you think about it, Bob girl. This is full aluminum jassi Jihan open a complete aluminum and extremely would be big quality in my view.

And I’ve got to be picky about him, about going to the store. It is not very heavy.

Neither too late till you get here is Golfweek. Fifteen. Forty four grams. Do you have data. Look ahead. Have and it is fifteen point six Ingela laptop. Dorcy Subsegment Goga. In fact slightly on the lighter side. Quickly Porton Buttinsky degli.

The other stuff on the left hand side you us USP Type C, USV type A HDMI port down full HDMI port. Him and I didn’t.

I made three point five home deck and one more USB port, although they do not miss it. Eak Board Jahad will you as B 3.0 or A I will use B 2.0 to so how to get out of degli. I know. Let’s look inside to see the productive.

Interesting to see about that a something here. And obviously if Peus they can get.

Well, look at this. You have a webcam right here. Not sure it’s got Angaleena figure toward up beat up. Good look, Noga, Google got some new photos of DFAT to get out to.

And I need to kick up, but that’s a very nice thing. Be quiet, ancient and obvious to my leak and a whole upchuck camera. The one that you all got, which may be Kaga. That’s a very, very nice feature to have. But isn’t this offset by getting stronger?

Your laptop decay would you could see Buki. I thought you better you come in section.

Just give out to me about this right or left. Madona drove off. Go hot-Headed to the media. That’s for dad or keyboard jahad average size Gahanna conger or keys. Guess I use video store Mkono normal. So keep driving distance.

Give out a little. What’s going on to your food like a child. But destines you’ll have mini subsidy. It is average I Zamboni. Tell us about their security about it. And that is an interesting thing. Fingerprint sensor head generally phones men with their laptops.

So I get Jabbar with an eight or so that doubles up as a fingerprint sensor.

You can start looking, I get up, you fingerprint me, Yogi. Up windows go on lock and he got a ballgame. So that’s a good security feature to have oddities.

Want to bother telling. Lucky you had your head dentally laptop. Your day is angled to cool them. But this one goes beyond like this. So this is definitely quite good display. And this display looks good display, especially with a Bensoussan that only five point three men are good. Eighty seven. Eighty eight percent. It will put a screen to boarded a ship.

So it’s an immersive screen or fifteen point six in Turkey and feature the IBS, screen out the brightness, give out about two hundred and fifty minutes stucky sky brightness and Norske you will get it.

Bahadoor tried to kick up right with the good guy. In fact IPB I got up DayQuil get the brightnesses about 50 percent. Yeah. You take a look at this one spacemen. I come forward feature be out. I would just do you a certified d come and live long outside of that upcoming hotel. That would help you a lot today.

So I’ve got to have specifications. Give me this comes on. Guys in process said yes. Arisan five. Preserve Barbados. Thirty five hundred you scale but a DGP then and 256 GBC.

I envy a meet SSD Milty which is the latest one he’s got. I’d love to read rate speed a stop stimulating.

They’ll be very fast on hot 256 DBI. It couldn’t be happier if I went to GBG. I could extend come map gangsterish. No problem. Parvizi head back and Niccola and to replace the SSD so you can do that as well. Storage expand becomes easier.

All those either I think about it about thirty or forty to what. Archey battery.

Hey Skender us we types here charge ltm I did and Demento still 53 percent. I get charged with the M and on our claim the tank is six to seven hours of full battery life. Jagi normal usage. Can that easily last you five hours.

Almost all that oil out about Kuratov preinstalled opko. I’ve been lost in home in time and Windows 365 Medlow office.

You have sort of got Warfel ACMA, they got trialed Virgin Brimmer’s they are going up Weixin going an apartment got a bogey to. So I’ve got the audio video game about him and to be honest with you my body fucks one up, especially audio.

We’ll do these defeat then. Need to save your basement. Put out. I needed you Doug.

I was qsa. What do you do. You have a chance. And it is loud and quite decent actually. Ah video game limit deha. It is a good display indorse. I got up DayQuil get up the Bahamas. I got my media consume. Kinda funny you know.

So I’ve got performance Key and Ryazan five year president or so say he may attend. They give decent performance in fact will be our day to day task to get it go. Okay.

Have you actually going to be the malko. Get in fact heavy software. It’s assignee heavy software biopic. You’ve got to give, you’ll be able to do it easily. Browsing, we’ll get it on my article. We’ll get a Dignam movies. DIGNAM Absolutely. Great.

There’s about music videos. Opko Mazari a skill but Laken those shockable. Look, this is not a high end, very high end laptop, jobby output editing. Look at it.

A real feel gaming. We’re going to cover this not gaming laptop. Yadira Kit with bokeh you’ll be d’astier those two items. Hey, I’ve got a ball game. Performance is quite decent on this one. Can I get a little sore? I got the latest forecast and see the sky rising for several days.

I thought it would have been even better. Finally, though, somebody slipped up you about to make out the this is a great laptop, to be honest with you, especially at got a prize.

They will get you scoop. But I used your forty three thousand. They’re looking all first. Me, I’ve got forty thousand that mealtime 40000 QI subsidy OPKO Botany, anti-Semitism, fingerprint sensor Milstein and the unique webcam Germani Palin the heat take away.

This is a really I’ve got to opper bugs out of upcoming goodies. I look up they will got to see what from whom but I to with that that would be very very helpful and performance at time. Oh yes. We’ll get that type display is quite good.

So Ordon I really like this especially at the price of forty thousand rupees. Sakurako I didn’t.

I’m a link. Neidjie description it then on Flipkart video store. No cost. EMI is beamingly. Gozo and of course, we’ll get to your here, which I love when I 6th August thing, so you can definitely have a look at this on a vodka and its own little soap.

It looks premium, especially those Shapard edges. You have Blue-Collar. When you open it. It looks premium. I like this one. Let’s go to on magic book fifteen.

Give out a mouthful Kopb so I’ll have to check. Come into action me Buechele Puchi Zirkel. She’s growing up so I look at Jalopnik. You look so easy to me.


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