Unboxing The Realme C11

Unboxing The Realme C11
Unboxing The Realme C11

I’ll go I’ll give you one example of this article. And this is the unboxing of real me eleven you have to give those are the only good to see series skip on this subsidy. Zadok, what political satire.

Something I need to that lock CCD Capones bitch ahead the L.M. Auto C.M.A. I get Orteig for the LME C11.

I’ve got a new sandboxing danger of come in at first impressions. Lincoln also skipped bail. I get really what I want is out of or something. I’ve got no William. I like him with all you can do that.

Can I need you to get some notification off. Call me Dad. Jesse, I’m article upload out of the yellow box.

C11 Nicolay directly. Let’s open the other tiny ways to cut it.

All right. Hey, welcome to the real me family, OK? Nothing else. Documentation is a guess. Any of those too surprising. All right, I’ll go ahead. Those are ten ward got jobs. You’re out there and micro you as we cable. I don’t think there is anything is nohe case. We’re get money at the store.

So let’s look at the phone.And this is a new design. This is also a new in our design. That is very, very interesting. Yeah. It’s a completely new design. Looks good. Yeah. Squarish design.

And finally the ME is decided you would get your camera design if you tica will change cutting it. So I like this one.

I’ll see you later.Hey, you had each green is made this green a little pea at the hip and is obviously a plastic black back. We just won’t get ahead. But if you’re buying this, buy it with the kids. Yuki’s Wachsman the at the unexpected. Nobody was it in hand freaking out in there slightly.

Have you had a great year? It must be about 200 grams. Yeah. Big think.

One ninety six grams. Yeah. Minicar 195 for 200 gram sugar. So yes, it is heavy, but feels good in hand. Yeah.

I opko average had to be it picked up bad Diet Coke problem. I guess in a year we let a drop test. Can they low. Yes I’d come high tech only can go wrong as a rule. I’m worried about this because there is no good. No, nothing.

Mahi, which they were so normal faults would get a going problem, New York so quickly, Fortune Buchinsky that of degli then ETR at three point fire.

Jack Microphone Micro U.S. Report Speaker Grill. On the right hand side you have On-Off Button volume rocka up and down. Cuccinelli out the.

And on the left hand side you have SIM card three and SIM card three is yes it has a dedicated SD card slot. A blue card slot has those. Let’s start the phone. Yes.

You just lost your phone. I look at that. I’ll get OPCON money, unboxing a theater like I’m not my boolean. Yeah.

You like the Woody Jamadi unboxing headachy and matzah data. That’s it. Come in. I’ve become a believer. All right. They here display display looks great, but I eat see also six point five inch HD plus display in half full brightness based leaves out the bright light.

But it’s HD plus six point five inch display. May HD advocate. I wonder, do I get it. Watch me.

This is the entry level phone mini such that on Saturdays out of Southsiders hypothetically carryback I got to buy my unboxing. Got it. I really don’t know what the prizes are.

Good business, but I’m about to say to give your best. But let him Neidjie Kitchen make on the average slightly up o average. He’s got a screen. What do they share those. What the hell. Eighty eight percent Cupitt which I think is quite decent for entry-level food.

Tell us about the specifications. Give me. This is probably the Forsworn which is on Helio G. Thirty five processor.

You’re in DME out there. It can Aparecida do an MBA at the hip.

Order is making it into those two g.v. 32 g.v.. Probably they might to get the things you it but I BGB didn’t table her to geometry. Two TV boxes that Emily handed out to keep battery athea. So it has got big battery with. Watching charging all those other oilskin about it.

Got it to reel me. You the head which is based on hundred ten point zero.

Laken those store jubb my setup got into his phone call. I was very disappointed. Eat the knee low but it amanfu to be highlighted by your phone not to have those Skender Halo app installed here. What is this really. Hello Pam. Pam. Good about me.

Do security ethnically locally. So I got there to be clean my stuff and which are banned. Babbs in India.

Those are banned apps. They are not allowed. Why is it on a phone.

I’m very disappointed though so it is only fair. We got a yes ABHRA at this point of time and boxing. He caught them. I know gooky.

This is completely unacceptable. Real me. This is not done. This is unacceptable. Seriously. Today also is Freedom Day. I live, you know that.


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