About FAU-G Coming In October

About FAU-G Coming In October
About FAU-G Coming In October

Cellulosics, I got to give me big news. And this is the last big news of this week, Lykins up out of this, that Bosa does a lot of that don t put it that news they kick out. Laken, big news because that’s how we’re gonna about it, though.

We’ll have like them today on Gages. I think we will get some notification upcoming. I guess here we do our political thing and I’m going to read you. It is about the best laptop laptop. And I have a tablet off to a brain drain.

The Emberg tablet. Ann-Britt, that really you they do those inboden Gallup.

You’ve got no Mabahith. Samsung Galaxy Tab seven. Pless came out. I mean d I was convulsing first impressions. Kallweit zo they rejected the Kaga to very very interesting device. Yes.

A backup Benfold give out a May pop band only give it in a little pop to kill.

Did a yummy John Heeney like I at least 60 70 percent kilday on getting the Hedo store only 46 plus in low kilted hit and 54 percent get in the nipple. GCE Laney Gaga. I’m very happy he’s so in love with withdrawal symptoms. You come Nobuko hooray. I’ll be jokey.

Switchy is Sallerson didn’t Mithian thing. I told him drop killdeer took hold up.

So you look behind me. How about hey maybe Pobjie came out here for G.K body may hair. Yes Ausubel. Sweet redo. OK, yeah. Well I mean it’s ok but anyway Opko Forgy give out a month by the year October Entercom and to be honest with you.

Material at the Hague pobjie alternative hip. I don’t guess you’ll get your wio smoldering about Anqi.

Shoot that game here. Might be Blairmore double Subu Battle Royale. Yes. Of Mode’s Bodney and get leaking.

Abbi. Jacki. They kill.We do so although so do so I do. I banned Wahad big talk Skidder even use need take you to go ahead. Yes it has fallen down by some fifteen percent ibt report. I had made it by Lib Ben.

What are you finding. Fourteen fifteen percent. To get revenues down will get us give me on revenues more. Don’t get making. No certainly talking ab majority of them get your revenue. Eighty five percent. What the heck.

I niceto even within a band who have to be great engine nhin. I mean what Hagar. I mean shockingly those they taught us.

How do you mind. I wrote how good. I said you like to your legs are gifted articulate deputy dka leaking ego and began to come in.

The lobby group also called me up also geocache plans. I got a tip. Lanzi a broadband plan sounded MBBS 300 MBBS. We’re getting unlimited plans.

We’ll skew is a little now yaka to the head and then in it a few behold die wouldn’t be Khaldiya. Hey Sabahi plans unlimited cut to the ad. That’s a big thing.

They’re to give us a Dell broadband so go enjoy your date.

I did not tell you that speaking this one plus Glau what do you do ahead. Basically by jigged one plus scheduled for next.

You know Bailies you come at year Qualcomm’s 718 again 460 Sbarro’s there bill lot. See what Gieger Bench Badge listo go I that it is on Qualcomm Stadium even 460 smb 4g biederman’s sixty four be storage.

You are going to have so Android then be here to buy time to rise. They can you know he can only can you us mid launch right in Yemeni.

Ideally it might come to India as I did on Monday. Also Google get pixel forty 5G or pixel five skill on today. It’s our guy. Hey September 25th officially will be liquid new guy.

There’s no Laken strong rumors. Haikui September 25th, Kolon 2012. Hey in the Army I’ll be the fix it for me I four to five days before.

If I do do I will do a tour of these. You got Bonniwell a name and forty you’re eating for it.

There’s a Galaxy Z4 to keep your eyes. Either any of these unexpected lines I got, I saw today this I stuff I like him and he in fact it’s slightly expensive.

Then previous Invision one lac seventy five thousand nine hundred ninety nine Yaphet one leg seventy six thousand nine hundred ninety nine.

I’d love one one point seven six seven point seven seven. LAC is key, but I use only only a lucky guy quality food. I mean, I really want to know how I did this city bugel telling you about elegantly can use clinically born and do lack of food.

That’s absolutely crazy. Those are the enemy. Five five s five. I see eleven in get updates. I be September gap data will go to jail.

Give occupies a MiSeq. We beat faunal up to update. You did secretely back to our bridge. We are do stay up. Gives me a phone. I took a meagerly optimize going. Go and download it and have fun.

Take me on a Saturday to me. NMC images bakkie images.

I going here or which I look Gamora system do. I thought I like them and I said can you get people. I’m in a system like that order round the house schedule. How did I shape what Onat Squared is designing.

What do you share. Because you see cameras in very interesting I punch will be the left hand side, maybe get that off. So if not all.

But I tell you I make it about subquestion garni. Yeah. Eight hundred diamonds. Fifty percent of you and you.

We’ll be on those street you see Phone.com Wible. Q But these are radio B idea. Puts skill but sympathectomy. Right eyepiece LCD display. When you are light skinned then yes.

Side mounded fingerprint sensor not very different. Eastend be emulating to here new ally NTD me. And that’s. That’s really. Kyuki, the L.M. seven No Series seven Broadman Lake. They handle it. It’s time north, maybe IJA let me know too.

Although suggested Menocal not up with are program to audit these that I get God damn it at the canal scam.

And clearly need ticket. There are fingerprints instead of exactly like right mi nine. But I’m essentially let me nine prime 3gs before you even enter or here. Your head bookworm too is going to be 60 moving and we do it.

But it somebody that I didn’t keep any did launch. I did make a phone.

You didn’t the I was squaddie Brandell Gap pool will go on licadho looking either way to me. Nine. Hey what did you mean they didn’t have Silverglate didn’t do it up to put a mountain go to a Brandon’s got the.

I really don’t know. I don’t understand.

So Bullecourt ex grief painfully. This is not to be branded. This is a regional phone. Your book, when I when I when I book with one guy about NIPA Blackphone. Well, we’ll be there. You got a unique phone. Webb Will Wake’s three audio global launch.

I lost all those key razavi. Hey you as demesne. Yes. Did he hit the deck. You name it. Yeah.

But the clues were good. I literally was gathered to create two hundred and twenty nine dollars, but I use a wheelchair, which I think is decent. Come on, let’s get to work up the Sopra prize out of me if went on in my left. No. Let it come about me obviously up with some good.

But in fact Monday, Tuesday you will come to know everything about today.

I’ll start taking news. Would you have out much today? I can tell you that Gus had to be Opko man, but I think I keeks upset to take news Garnsey Legum him. But I, I mean I met some guys out on RSU Dignity.

That was an but you know, that was the kind of day you come and S.A.G. usually at time Timbalier supposed to give me I mean what they APNIC I think I suddenly didn’t know about that yet.

But I gotta tell you Bob did bogy bdm can give go to I’ll get it to beat him.

Give out. I’ll give you another you sort of dask congratulations. How have you beat the Archimedean mobile number. I’m leaving it up lock up and give Georgia no time for the most important segment of distinctness. OPCON I’m go. How about a superstar is going on there.

I’ll get my routine superstar feature commando’s and she rock bottom. I’m Ricky buddy. So they start going.

Congratulations, lovely, lovely lovely coming. Goes to see Roach come in to go get a seat which Matt Atchity I mean I don’t know ac I’ve got only that on the low side to get my back. And the new episode number eight hundred and twenty three them all day.

They I T Laghi like the rookies. They gotta be taking me get the subscribe me. Yeah we’ll go the oceanic gun got management goddammit though. So he’s not made. They are limited.


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