POCO X3 NFC Review

POCO X3 NFC Review
POCO X3 NFC Review

There’s no cookie that I’ve said, finally, do sit out for like a hippo. Go have fun, Gibert Jordi. But I didn’t know he had DEHA yet. Put us in and we’ll get another. You’ll be pulling those Eberhard Tardif ones. I had to me x2 m2m toubro. Yeah.

And they will limp Lakenheath somebody. But I know that it’s a unique form for Quake three launch Hoga. Hey you know met or is swedo met up with subgoals.

But I, I know endemic eitel on Twitter. I like specifications. Basically pull back to give it to me. Think about a map with some by the delegate labels. Skip a little tell you about how many tell about the subscriber dynamic. Will it be like a mini.

I’ll give you a hint when I get some notification, I call me Dad Jesse and radio upload, get some sleep, a little cable so people go, extra guy. You were the upgrade. Hey. Yes. How did I get up there? You’ll get 20 Natoli upgrade it toward. You have were down there when I came on my limit. Yes. Let’s talk about display about pocho extreme.

Show six point six, seven inch and frigidly plus display at the head with hundred and twenty hertz fast inflated HDR then Blasco support have it at two hundred and forty hertz touch sampling rate.

So the display is quite good and bill to become baddies and a tie it will stand b hundred and twenty yards that are bbf with some extra. I’d rather see it.

You read in Lenzer define it on huh. Dynamic switch a skin that phosphor official Gilly’s come along gallery Bayardo from fiords basically go Jega gaming look at it that I hope the one to India. It’s a bit. I like the up and up which is good.

Back to receiving feature. Let’s go back to their specifications about him.

And this is good on performance skill you can smell at the head 732 G processor Dunja. I tell you if the helpful nipple weighs three d me I away and this is based on it and then because it is so it is power efficient as well.

So it ends up being those two six DB sixty four gibi and sixty B 128 DB and Expendible Short is here.

But right now I don’t know, keep dedicated as you got start. Hey you me you Hipolito extra bit Heidbrink seems like to me I wish I had hybrid yoga.

We are not sure what those are going to school to get out of the water on the three lac three lac one thousand cu discussed scored out. At least you’ll notice the carbon highlighted by signing given I’m describing it liquid willing to grow the job but we’ll get back.

It is a liquid cooled one point zero plus six layers to get a handle skewers after the fall.

Hanwood turned out at my desk. I think about. But I do dagga. But hey, it has liquid cooling technology. Let’s talk about cameras and Kaminen Melo saw sixty four megapixel quality cam and I said about to you have gey joke.

But I’m very sensitive though to what I am execs to which is a slight downgrade. Mean downgrade. Naegele number four get 60. FP isn’t a year but works for me.

I am at six eight six to maybe take it up with six eight two primary Santorum with that thirteen megapixels dichromate and Dodo megabuck silkie auto censor’s. More than that the macro will get ahead. I’ll give you that of those two Opko a punchable May center by twenty twenty megapixel camera then what is your plan Julito.

So that is only three point eight m m is going to banty toward up until it I come into the store dopehead shadow great and cool by the blue massive blue.

He’s either teddy bear great tic tac five one six zero million that I could buy three which really is a good thing with thirty three work fast charging two battery and fast charging him. I’m limited. Definitely pull quick. Three is very good right up there though.

So you’ll be looking. I know about gold obviously or despair. Tony, go see your tablet.

It also has studio speakers. Upper Middle Loudness Quality will get it from not Banega but studio speakers. And remember, there’s a budget phone boardgame phones mysterious because me there is map computing here or Bobby, if he just got a lot to do, list of IP 53 got certification here.

So that is good. Will proprietaries your hometown, your technology, wouldn’t he value your IP for 53? Got certification software and if Seattle and I had a blaster as well. So very good that fingerprint’s instability also cited mounded fingerprints interments.

I obviously gooky emulate Mahina or particular of me, so it has a side mounted fingerprint sensor indexing it.

This is the gaming phone. Laken Pocho are black. Should you be so certain some company a black sites from gaming phones out then we’ll get your pitch access. That is it was the war up pocho phone.

You se the moniker Bogy Fooler. I get it. Your high standard to get away. So that is again good gaming. We’ll get it later. Yeah. You can also add those black shortcakes as it is.

And finally, price subsidies. Are they important, praiseworthy or maybe subsid a cheap price. And those are two hundred and twenty nine euro diski.

Keep it. It’s not gonna work any other twenty twenty one thousand rupees at Laken as a inorganic three or four opko one ninety nine euros million and no limit. The Boso Euros can need to go to what price can work up though.

It’s going to be a phone up or something like that. Could it mean that I finally go see India launched Cubbyhole to her? Hey, yeah. It is going to launch in September, that’s for sure.

European Central Gates. Come on, let me off to me.India maybe ideology that has worked.I think if you ask me, my guess would be around toward week or fourth week of September.

But look, they had big behind September me I jagga one hundred percent get them and the price about it but also other European friends, they could get a generally an embrace coming with the AOC. So if this comes around sixteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen thousand it will be awesome especially to sixty be sixty four, be with it.

And if I had thought I has also pros I guess you’d be one brigade to be very our birds. I was only in September. So we will come to know about it very, very soon.

But I am happy. I’m really happy. Pocan finally, a unique non rebranded for Don’s Got to the End.

That’s a big win. This is the second phone from Google. Yeah.That’s why it’s so easy to me. I give you that. Keep track it.


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