OnePlus Buds TWS Earphones

OnePlus Buds TWS Earphones
OnePlus Buds TWS Earphones

Did you know the little guy? No, I’ll kill you all because of all of this media, all your money, if I say those to one plus bugs on my I your color and or the blue head or stool.

Yes. Well, he was your one plus Nordlund. Two other. We’ll see.

Got a letter poured out from Google. You haven’t the same one. Let’s get back and let DWC our phones. We’ll get bullied too. At least we’re going to Iowa. But these are the first ones. Those are the W.S. from one place softwoods Madinah. Those topical lignum.

I get money to get some notification up on me. Jesse and Rita are pretty good at that one. Plus bugs nada blue Galata decaying out. Be cheeky that phrase have for my name zero though still bonsais out to get that out in a year. So let’s find out whether they are worth that much.

All right. That kiss kiss rocked this item in their Orckit. Enjoy your new buds and sit your music free. Yeah, it’s me. What’s on our documentation out there?

And it has used B type C charging cookie, your cable cable type see him. And it is a very familiar red and white color until you elect the heads up would say to me.

Woof, woof, woof. Those are you to let it get a different color.

I grew up with a lady late Monday. They could be it out of our probating button multiheaded or it can easily kawa designed by one blis. Okay. Let me hear that click.

Nice. Very nice. You are the heroes here. So it does look like the green will get ahead. And then blue, completely different color, bright color, young color making up. Let’s remove them. They are lightweight.

Would you like a day or two? Have you all you’ll keep on plassnik lame, geeky, achy targe. Be sad. Datatel days. Come on. Let me speak to everybody. Right to you guys. Come at level. Head likin licking in. These are about 4.5 four point seven grams each.

And they fit beautifully when doolally. Those top jaw, rubberized deep scale with tell him what to. There is a bit of that or you are going to doubt that. But you now I’ll get it. I’ll get to sleep opening it. Chances of them.

But at least for now, I think the fit is really bad.

Look at this or Niccola or the A easier because you have something to hold to tell us about those specifications.

Give me these ones have got thirteen point four a memory that I was thirteen point for human drivers. How big is coming is going to sound like I’m hoping but I knew called you about him it likin but it was out there in order. Back to eat your hair. Gasque is out for 30 million. Brodkey have it about Upshot’s girl. 100 percent of Sodergren did that music nonstop. Soon Vulgate though stopped and along with Gaist total backup danus total yards. That is one of the maximum I have known so far.

I was in support of them.Duss Minute made ten anscar play that time. I see clear cut that you have not tried it. These are my first impressions but does guarantee in ten minutes. Wow.

Connect you to a little. So Bluetooth five point zero eight Skender ip x4 certification here is coming up for us. Splashiest. We’re good at finding can to get a body this to Montecarlo. Go you probably Mayorga but I’ve never been thinking about in about ten meters.

Security’s there to help go on. Although still low latency mode.

Hazmi gaming Gallia you’ll bot find out what have if not take more you take it. It was one hundred and three milliseconds got low latency Mordente which is really good to do so I’ve got to hit bad. I really want to hear some music. Let’s do that band new device.

Let’s open this and.All right one plus bugs. They kick that. Too bad I get. Connecting one plus bags is one plus. OK.

We’ll look at this left case. Give me back. We had some push the store. Now that is really nice.

Or just a high Esmay touch controls at the hand of Bluetooth settings where he Jokela that actually buys one plus Carphone Hoga. So you will be able to assign a certain function muddler play falls forward. He is up Jahad you up.

Got Polje licking one Pliska for another he Holgado stop give us to see forword he garbology w touch that’s all. Or does rather suck it up the phone. We’ll get it. I get them off music. So no long procedure.

Three seconds Callea and you get to receive the calls as well.

I call it a little Soutine microphones Hazmi and it has got environmental noise cancelation, active noise cancelation we’re getting in here. And by the way, if you’re thinking maybe wireless charging korbin mahi support cut.

Wargo store, Warde balanced, sound, beautiful. I mean, seriously, that thirteen point four, I mean, gator drivers, it harder to those ecom got them.

Let me talk about Lowe’s bass. Clear hips thumping here. Gabby Pattani, Mad Men in full volume baby that I love to root for. Taniwal and jaw high. As it happens, we’ll get a hip hop and have what they need or so you can make out a little instrument and get a budget.

Hey, you can make out each instrument separately. For clarity, Baudette ordered Botkin.

I don’t know your mood centage or wilkos it skinny man. What? That’s the vocals and it is beautiful decimated. But the will stop. It’s a balanced sound for PBS and Yaqui Way, your base here with all political ties to the NCO as he’d be if you really enjoy the music. So.

Wow. I really like the sound on this one. That’s for sure. Shadows on my knees.

I look, I’m not gonna to. But like I said, I get it. What? I skip skip Sotho day. It would have been even better because you can give me how much I say like thank you. Slippered Jenga different. Well actually likin but I need you. But wow.

What sound. I really like it to be honest with you.

These and plays those tools that any Amedee Southsea I get upgrades will give. Will features will get a day. Could skip too. I think pricer performance of issue is quite good at form a nine zero makeover.

These are definitely value for money. Quality BWC. Yea but from one place tell your story to me and I hear that. So I’ll hook up for one plus Bartowski barometer’s zero six men will cheer you up.

Well she’s gonna guess I’m a little kid job energy to say we don’t make a living that keep cracking.


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