Mi Band 5 Review

Mi Band 5 Review
Mi Band 5 Review

Today, Well, I’ll tell you what, one example of those 3D or some Sibella about the logjam come near.

Lay had me banned five Meece, my band, five gone boxing and forced confessions do. You and Demi Longini. Why do you how many year him similar. Obviously it debases limb bucket by say I’m naming iWeb Laken come mejor Mongiardo.

Those thought it was about one one and a half months about W8 Indochina that you’ll be told that wouldn’t he thought Cuba just him on. Now whether Opta Optical Project, Sergei Scotton boxing and first impressions they get those could be made meeting time I think you can do on boxing as you would as a thank you.

Do what you wouldn’t go going as a back. You do it the not a going up guey.

Yamina what of dykey optic miss. I began boxing first impressions that have used and Bojo or what he meant know it is up to you whether you are going to buy it or not. D.M.

Hamada come here but D’Anna Opko come here you to Lucky Lee and hey and he is he gets hot Tallou go very quickly about I sub push Lincolnesque give a little stronger fairly. Bottom line is and I subscribe Gonnerman William.

I like him to you all. You do not get money. We don’t get some notification off for Monday.

Jessie Ham Radio upload campaign on either. So how many Scott give away a beacon here. So watch the video completely sup what I do. They look. I see, I see them. OK, so this is me smart round five. Everything is written in Chinese.

Yeah man heap I never lahu. This is the band. All right. Documentation up.

We are charging Graybill means they basically started created by the magnetic goodo point him charging points. George I think Miglia Opko Ystem I’m gonna be coming out for definitely. And this is the Meece my band five.

All right. Everything is already in Chinese city. There’s a ballet quality get valuate quickly, Bartali. How is the strap and strap? The minute they let me take you with me back in. One, two, three, four, subi and a chick quality again. This is definitely quite good.

It’ll stay long. Bearhug do not look up. You got a ballgame. So. So, Jesse, how may shock comes to be your capsule here, actually, unique concept, though. Got your baby. It will be change ball.

And I got to make a scream about it. Bob Geldof. I mean, Balfour. Guess I’d come back to 20 buddy Larry a year or so.

Let me set it up and dig the actually size. Get those for you. You had you had me fit the app. I agree. Let’s try and see.

OK. We’ll get bail in with you. English began on work on my dad is very, very important. Very successfully restoring Biden said things. All right.

So finally, though, so out of the AB English, they give English may go there. This entire leha that screamed it again.

So quickly, please, can you speak about him able to? It is a brighter display, 450 in its brightness, him behind the bar. Joe Banjul then we’ll get your displays here without that bright notice on Lake Mead objecting to declining Yapp. We’ll get time.

We’ll get it, guy. So this one is bright and definitely brighter than me.

A smart band for what I need or so ordered. But it used your hammy to me bands about the a buddy battery life, 14 day battery life, Maisky 125 million. I do capacity. So battery life. Your mom, Lily. Excellent. So I got what you asked me about three simple magnetic points and nuclear.

That’s got to look at this. That’s it. And it will start charging. All right. Nice.

This is much, much easier. Definitely good features, Kim, on Leery about guarantor. It has got eleven different sports activities. Medlab. I like I like it. I think I get it.

Which which going top top garbology sleep monitoring or get a hazmat going problem means so at IMC opko your meat fit appetite. That is really good at McConkey. A big part of success of me. My advice is that me fit that body and to do that broadsided features.

We have all a continuous heart rate monitor pays me. So everything is there. What do you want in a smart bed connected to your mom limit.

How many pounds your. I. It was me mfc her and I said I got aguy world-weary enjoyment of global village into a whole new island was maybe NMC. I got to shine. It is time. And if Seawell Abedian be I suddenly there’s no Bluetooth 5.0 b support.

Koltai is coming to love the bodily connectivity. I’ve seen that Bluetooth five one zero say connectivity issues ever fading. You choose your that had come out then on her small advance me a featured important would thank you. A water resistant waterproofing. We’re going to have any. Yes. Five a.T.M water resistant days come with the three we’ll get it can go up goit. Problem. You don’t have to remove it.

But I don’t start to make you or me smile five. Pretty you have got to watch faces. Yeah. So watch races out there. Or maybe I got up to us.

Me or boob job. I belong to a dummy warhead. And because it is NFC version up is kiss up and locker ballgame. No, that is very interesting. All right. Does Gordon Nifty feature all upcoming. I will get it missed by Atlantic Control Peak at a ballgame.

Finally praise those for somebody with a name. Maybe that launch an Arab League boom and they may launch more data up and raise your hand.

Not and if she wasn’t he won it in a new on him one mind you and would look good. Doha’s Andrew Bethany one 81 91 million and 229 unchanged Escucha. And if she was in it whiskey keep it is coming. Lovebird Brinda 400. Grindy 500.

Good price goes up to here. So at that price point I think this is a decent features.

We’ll get our champ body screen here. Bright screen or Jake’s my grandma. If you just say yes subi hey skin that. So a decent one.

And finally though stodgy, I know you have been waiting for this is gonna give a vehicle. They have. So if you want to participate you might be the first one in India to have a me smart man. Five days.

Celia by the way you dig up glim platform bit knowledge all that you know to tell them I lie. You’ll be steps the always up follow the rules and regulations. Rawhi description media way properly sparkie. We’ll skip Bodney participate Chedid up 40 minutes.

Give about those two lame Instagram or Twitter become is God give us got results on Owens getting it auto’s give out NAPCO but that’s a Dega give me up gdl young-hee as it also is we eight nine.


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