The Galaxy Watch 3 Unboxing

The Galaxy Watch 3 Unboxing
The Galaxy Watch 3 Unboxing

Today was a. I’ll give you one of those three do definitely come on smy board talking about an upcoming movie and Berry to watch is leaking.

I’d just like to hear more about Samsung Galaxy Watch party. Yet Isaan Gilbert, a bake sale, bought some interesting features, gets all that.

This is just awful. But Lucky Yade you have watch Scham give up ABC. Meanwhile, you have your one to give out of a one galaxy watch three. But I don t t take anything they keep Opko but doesn’t I Casey participate. Give me some good. I know. I know. Unboxing.

I’m here alone. Dana know how many first impressions ligaments give. I never felt about anyone again about this dynamic will it.

But I come with you all you get talking about money. We do get some notification. I put day Jesse and we don’t applaud him on Sadoway. Let’s open the box. Oh, okay. This looks nice.

Watch with let that slap. All right. They can skip us on box me documentation on it. Donald Boksburg taught us our documentation and warranty. Gardet. Okay. Okay.

He starts recording. All right. Okay. We have this charging. Bad idea. You take it. Anything else. Whoops. OK. All right, good documentation. OK, that’s a lot lately. Let’s keep it outside. Let’s look at the watch list of Scibelli to watch. Dalloway.

Let me remove that. And let’s look at this strap quality to stop immediately. You can feel it. Absolutely. Great. Nice. Look at this.

Yeah. Basically genuine leather. Slap it. Need to get that brown. Put a black suit. We’re doing colored. And it is a ruggedly hofmeyr lethal dose to watch it look like. It is nice and heavy and metallic and strong.

So you’re just casing if buddy will have stainless steel or put up. Good luck.

Let’s be extra support me. Just the right hand side good dorm safety function. But things out there. You take it and you have a small mike here toward us. I like that. And you have a speaker on this side on the left hand side of the you’d better be Opko dial milty here which you can actually move deha rotating Bilandic.

Jimmy also look at it a, b, c smartwatch goes bison based smartwatch.

Let’s started looking up the tabloid that start it up globally, unboxing first impressions that telek their legs, the roof, Eugena and a Tonnie look there. What did we do. They care. No problem at all. Come in doki. Didn’t even begin. Samsung Galaxy Watch three today.

Also watch Haugaard has set up and it was quite easy. Samsung that evidence abdul-hadi upward. I’ll look at the whole goes up. Back up.

No I’m basically I’m upset that they’ll choose. Watch me. That is bloody annoying. I’m not going to ask you about me bandwidth. The process was quite smooth or the stalker app gave out to me about getting you to sign some variable app.

It is very, very user friendly. Looks good, but hot-Headed features.

We’re getting some put up on new day notification apps to Egypt’s soundin libration display at Wansbrough Broadsided Features End up content article bogy S.O.S Find My Wife General Alexis de Bigsby hot-Headed features. Let me talk about the watch races.

Also watch races board important with them and this one has got unlimited number of watch faces. Good cheer zadow him Etel going up Uki DTV DayQuil cut.

I mean the whole time. And not only that up shift got eight watch racing to sort of watch the feed school but it’s not dhody odel that Fujiyama. Just look at this. I mean amazing that’s already splitting about him.

My not go to one point forty to emulate display him and 360 by 360 pixels out to him.

That display is right. It is emulate. Clear the decks on lake. Maybe items help with the cake. It is just not going to ask about him. But go to the Tyson oys 5.5 out. I have ordered upstair which will be Tyson noise guy.

I hate to use Sansone Cock Quadcopter. All right. We always have.

And I will tell you what, it is very, very user friendly. I really like it, but I can start to have body fluid and emissions will get out. They will get bots.

Moutet So all Tisza noise. I’m using it for the first time. I’m not. Use it. And would you tell her either. So bartends or TCN likin. I’ve got to offer you to dial the cookie. I love it. Look at this. But let me user-friendly your. So human.

But I wear watch three, and that dial really helps you to navigate through all the men whose end feature. So very nice.

Those are the specifications given in what currently exists. Nine one one zero processor. I thought you scanned the 340 million that I’d give back to him. And OECD data didn’t diverge as a normal usage could get up to Opko.

There isn’t that data. You said you are getting guys out that GZ updated all gate display gather data on Vega to exceed in data. Yeah. Bye.

Come here. But I tell you what it because there are so many features it requires to use that much back to smart. I love a lot more to be had. Drop a low battery, more effort, a battery.

Say one more system. I’m going to give up. Get your battery life. They will extend because this hard charging game I’m sure will do those for year wireless charging go support goodbye to wireless charging. And if we’re Suvorov Digit Dutchie wireless cut battle goes Gilberte.

And it really gets charged by, say, charging cradle B at the head.

You as people are going to charge, go to the gym looking, charging into those top court Hasid theme.

And Dylan Denga. Yes, sir. Eight HDB storage space. Me one gibbet. I’m here. HDB storage. And once any apps are being soccer out by religious and some Stormare optical upcoming is specificly before. Galaxy. Galaxy Watch three. So that is good as well.

So smartwatch. Media. Regular features. What the hell subi out.

They scanned the liquid egg board. A tough feature like I’m with you. Basically AP John B. Blechacz. If there is a fraud detection mode, come live love opper your dollar way off on it or off. Get a day lose it.

But I tell you I don’t automatically read this message.

Amazing guys come and love pretesting and APNIC number. Then I drop it will automatically message Talladega. So someone we get in from Peabody up get a table. But such do on how those slots could work from home.

Gotta be hip to 120 workout two more days. Hey after module’s like the job is to mulcare get could. He’s got to be exercise. Got a fall guy or we’ll put it.

There was a that I got to be up. Nacke do we take Nikki steps. Give me a minute.

What’s up D. It’ll Hey Laken export import duties odd gokey demonically S.P. or do tracking. Hey it’s coming. Love your oxygen. Hey what practical dyanne opko. But I tell them or opko I have those two yackety tonight.

Important how I schoolkid you know me esp your two oxygen measure is very important.

Is that on our body ski season may not be so malko. Okay, no problem. I.P 68 certification be athon and we’re going to give element Bolgar those top military grade build quality hayasaki. So it is going to last you forte.

Ever since I asked about every background, those two Sabbahi sensors out days may heartens of late since her battle meter accelerometer juvy sensitive smartwatch.

We need to use all of them at present. Here are those on how many of you’ll read in there. Is it Dovi adherence off a scan that IEG or a DVD and then on two said you’ll have we’ll have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth yet your hand your iPhone rebooted as this guy ballis up those so easy.

Hey you scan this so you can use it as easy. And finally the stock price. Go ahead.

It does not come cheap. BSEE based subsidy didn’t upload gave forty one M MCI work which this has upset. I do the time it goes all the way up to thirty nine forty thousand rupees but sprays it into an order.

I think it is a little expensive but it comes with loads and loads of features.

Yes. I mean don’t know about Apple. So if you have money and if you want a Samsung watch then this is it. And that Taison ideally like to be honest with you, it ties in with your head. There’s still bother telling.

And finally, yes, to give I may give out. Everybody’s got their homecoming rally.

Here is God given me. So yes. I mean, I convento still 14 days to come on. I tell it down and be done. He got mad jobi ended up getting him disqualified. I’m doing it so I ended up coming to him.

I w met operation will go up so don’t do that. Need to quit. That’s got many points.

The rules and regulations, VEO and Z2 Zacky, they kick off. But here I take that as a full scale bother me up by disabusing.


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