The World’s First Intelligent Gaming Robot

The World's First Intelligent Gaming Robot
The World's First Intelligent Gaming Robot

He also guys excel here and I got to meet and have a one-on-one exclusive interview with Silas adequately after one of Africa’s largest tech conference tech plus Salas is

the CEO and founder of rich robotics he founded his company in 2013 starting with two clicks he’s a first-class graduate of the University of West England and with the

sim they’ve developed McCammon the world’s first intelligent gaming robot so July 2017 his company has raised over 10 million dollars in November that same year he partnered with Apple

where he signed an exclusive distribution delay last year we had a retail launch with Apple so if you went into an Apple store today you have to find

a Mac come on in there he’s not focusing on exploring more in terms of robotics research and education in Africa and the Middle East here’s my exclusive interview with sellers

hope you enjoy it I just don’t speak we circle back to 2013 when you found it with robotics at the Bristol research labs and you know eukaryote first cause

who knows you moved out of Nigeria and the age of 12 and yeah how has the journey been from moving out of Nigeria from taupe and getting major

funding and getting a company like Apple to security major distribution up how’s it been yeah I mean the journey has been interested for me it’s all

this dedication following my passion and the underpinning stuff that I enjoy doing and so I could never predict that where I am today I just already led an interesting

robotics always enjoyed trying to make sure I did the things that I enjoy you know one of the things I you know others to my parents and you know

don’t other people this is what I love you know doing and so and that’s why also pains me when I see other young people who love doing something but

they don’t have the opportunity to invest themselves and be the best version that they can be I saw this Forbes article you said where you immediate

part of my comment is the emotion I’ve also personally have been interested oh I’ve had some kind of interest in new robotics which is like nervous system into robotics I

also saw somewhere you said you were interested in soft robotics which is also similar and lifelike robots essentially so why possible I mean the that’s a great

question the world is designed for humans yeah and humans are soft so you know the challenge is if robots are going to fit into the world that

we’re in it’s going to have to be like the interaction we have with other humans because if you robots are hard and you know there are things that you

can do in terms of compliance so when you touch a robot can move out anyway but if it’s not soft and at the same emotional yeah so

it’s going soft for in terms of the material they accidentally hit someone moving the arms you have a problem but also second is in terms

of emotions like the way we communicate most of our communication is body language you know we look at each other we say something we know what to do things

like that so we need to end it a lot of least according to how do you create robots that on your solve tasks but fit into the environments that

humans existing otherwise we’re going to have to change the environment which is not economical or scalable you mentioned a stage about how Africa is you know the way it

is now and I feel like the points that you made where you talked about how health can be disrupted with

robotics on how we can’t do like quick distribution and all that you know Legos traffic what is your answer to this probably a question like robots are robots going

to take away our jobs like how do you answer that question, yes to take away jobs but the only ones take away certain types of jobs function and you

can look at it with a few different lenses the fact is robots are going to take away what they call that the point is all dirty dangerous and is

so expensive jobs, because those are the things that drive you to know what humans want to do one thing to be cheaper want, is to be easier things like

that so you know that the way people can prepare themselves to be in a field where you know you use an element of creativity like you know cretins of

creating content creation for example you know you can have a decision intelligent systems that understand and provide insights support, okay you know when you create YouTube videos

they tell you where people are dropping off things like that you optimize you know your video but identity day so humans that that and you can also look at

what type of content people like but so human to human interaction that facilitates that content so in the creative space you’re not going to you know to add that challenge

perse until in the future maybe we’re system takeover but also the government has a big part to play in that because what you don’t want is a like an

economical free run where you’re not phasing it properly so there are lots of governments out there that I already thinking through policy or value how you manage that kind

of McKinley like you know there’s a robot tax things like that and the other thing that Bill Gates was talking about so these are big challenging questions that take

a long time to consider you have to do experiments to consider them so again that’s why Africa needs to get up to speed not just on creating robots for

also, the government in the policies so that Africa is Ahmedabad Latvia and just to become the Wild West I like they mentioned you know content creation because I also

make youtube videos as well and is a major part of things I learn as for all those elevators I don’t think that it’s my work is the data again

perform an elective number of people that also viewed my content so you’re six years in robotics you know you’ve done all these major things can you give me give us

like some three just three points or three major things that where your three major motivational points or key points that led you also may keep you moving forward yeah

I guess the first was to was my passion so to create this type of technology that nobody else is so you know exif odds exist said like robots with

legs but the way in the robotics lab and I thought there is a way because for me was just like this technology exists in gaming exists it there’s a

the way you can put this together and to create that technology experience which no one’s ever seen before that was the foundation and just something new something unique that we

then open up different things the second was if you look at the way the robot moves to get that reaction you don’t get many reactions like that so a

the lady bought a robot took it to India and she sent me a robot a video of the robot waving at the school no other robot can do that

and get that that type of reaction it’s just it’s got a most emotive character to it and the third thing that kept me that will most move I

was most proud for proud of and which you know was it was a big part of the company for me was the people that would get it together it

was the most multidisciplinary team you could have from mechanical engineers electronics engineers to robotics engineers to people Ph.D.’s to artists who software developers so to bring the whole ecosystem

to life that for me what that was was a huge learning curve and also allowed me to have a bigger understanding of how you go from

the idea to execution you’re so naturally impersonal that you know same team as well the ax so the last question is wiring and I like that you are

bringing something to Africa ask like what next what is next for Silas in development of the I have about 16 yeah so so for me it’s knowing what

what at the moment you can’t develop advanced AI robotics system in Africa ok so the next one is are you in competition exactly how do you create

the ecosystem and dimension you expose people to a creative ecosystem and give

opportunities so that’s the foundation which is you know starting with education startups killing people and then also then using that to YouTube to try and find a

way to build and what its labs in Africa because the purpose of labs is to do research and to answer questions there are lots of questions in

just as there are lots of questions you know in the UK in u.s.

so we just another opportunity to start looking at the house I don’t know all right shout out the tech plus for putting this together and thanks to tying oh


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