5G To Be Testing How Fast Five Years

5G To Be Testing How Fast Five Years
5G To Be Testing How Fast Five Years

Hey what’s up guys it’s out here and right now I’m in Abuja 45g by MC n if you’ve been following me on Twitter you can see more discussions I’ve

been having about 4G LTE 4G plus vs 5g is Nigel ready for 5g and in a previous article I did a few tests with 4G plus

or 4G LTE where I downloaded it to a hard film in under one minute and 40 seconds the same movie can be downloaded with 5g in under 11 seconds so

I’m going to be testing how fast five years and I want you guys to come along with me through this

vent through all the tests and all I’m going to be showcasing quite a few things I’m here with Tyler I know films who is also an amazing travel YouTuber

and it doesn’t make any video about 5g as well so I will leave that below in the description yeah without further ado let’s get [Music] so guys went to

a puja which is the capital city of Nigeria to test out empty and 5g this was a demo of the viability of 5g and how it would fare first

things first the speed of 5g was crazy fast from it essential ibadah were recorded the speed was approaching 2 gigabits per second this simply means a 1-gigabyte file

would download in 4 seconds 1 2 3 4 1 gigabyte is done essentially 5g is supposed to be 100 times faster than 4G hence there will be low latency

simply put low latency simply means like the amount of time it takes for you to receive information once you request it will be very very short MC ends first

test at the demo D was to show how to listen she works for five years so they had a ball that would go through a motion-sensing technology and then

go keep out stop the ball from entering if it’s 4G or 5g in forging it was quite easy to score the goalkeeper balls in 5g removal sensors were communicating

much faster the latency was lower and the response time was much faster so it was almost impossible to score low latency could help in cases where there is a

need for high-speed internet say a remote surgery for instance or remote schooling where there is a real-time teacher-student communication via the Internet this would seriously shooting a lot

of bridges, I also checked out this smart home section and as I mentioned at the beginning of this video download Wakanda to be so fast it five-year and of

course streaming will be greatly impacted here it should probably be impossible to have a loading screen or icon virtual reality with 5g is almost real-time you get to

be more immersed into gaming or checking out cinema contents in the virtual reality, of course, you need 5g capable smartphones to truly harness this an MCN partner is quali for

this particular demo I first woke with the co-founder of tech points and his thoughts were towards the fact that it’s an important shift secondly I spoke with the editor

of Business Insider Africa who talked about the impact of the faster downloads and you know a doctor who performed surgery mostly on an animal from another state with the

the help of 5g speaking with the MD of playoffs it was inevitable that 5g

was talk of 2019 from the many devices that we had this year that way 5g capable smartphones especially and I also spoke with the senior manager of transformation

at M and she spoke about how 5g would improve the internet of things like you know connecting cars fridges lights and appliances with much lower latency you’re like what

is another speech my my my Floyd guy like I really can’t wait to like go buy a lot of things for one better mobile experience going to be

way faster than usual and we’re going to get a lot of drinks so expect a little detour in because it’s gonna be incredibly fast expecting mod speed because

what I saw in terms of health risks the spectrum at 5g is on isn’t on the extreme side however it’s on the microwave section of course studies are still

being done tests are still being made and you know we’ll see how this turns out LCL says they would have demo zones live for three months in Abuja Calabar

and Legos and it will utilize the trial 5g spectrum that was allocated by the NCC Pantheon owns almost half the markets with the subscriber base of 60 million it’s

almost impossible to not see this coming however in terms of readiness for 5g adoption that’s still something to discuss but I’d love to know what you guys think is


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