Your Favorite Budget Smartphone

Your Favorite Budget Smartphone
Your Favorite Budget Smartphone

I also, however, wanted to quickly do something,I felt I had to respond so what was it exactly?

Hey guys,Without further ado, What’s your favorite budget smartphone of 2019, Say between 50 to 100k.

If Budget is considered as 50 to 100k that’s about $139 to $280.

I’d stretch that out a bit to go slightly above 100k say 180K and here are some devices I’d recommend.

The first one I’d recommend is the Oppo Reno 2, this is a device I’ve for over a month now, it’s been my daily driver and I’ve so far been

That goes for 179,000 it’s a bit on the higher side but hey, I tested it out and I liked a lot of things about it, the AMOLED

display, the faster graphics processor, and some more things.

A second device I’d’ recommend is the Samsung Galaxy A70 which goes for 115K or $319, I’ve not used the A70 but I’d recommend you check out Henreeneo’s review

on this guy and he goes into detail about it.

I found myself recommending this device a lot to people throughout the rest of this year and Samsung did a good job with the A-series device.

Did you know the 2 best selling phones of 2019 were the A10 which sold 13.4 million units and the A50 which sold 12 million?

So yeah that’s crazy and in fact, the third phone I’d be recommending is the A50 at 89,000 Naira or $247 again I’d have links to the respective reviews

of them below so do check the description for updates.

The fourth device I’d recommend is the Redmi Note 8 Pro which goes for 83,000 or $230 now this one is pretty interesting.

It’s the first device to use the processor it comes with, a gaming dedicated processor and it’s just a very interesting device to use really.

The last one I’d recommend again is the Huawei Y9s this is a sort of late entry that I’ve been using for a bit so that’s something to note down.

I got this for 98,900 Naira on Jumia or $274.

I haven’t had a verdict on it yet but I used a similar Huawei device and it shaped up to be quite nice overall.

For honorable mentions, pretty much a no brainer it’s the Samsung Galaxy A10 that goes for 44,500 Naira, it is way below budget but it works, you can

check out my review on that, another is the Redmi K20 Pro or MI 9T Pro that goes for 156K or $430 but it’s not directly available in Nigeria, the

Nokia 7.2 is a good option too and lastly the iPhone 7 Plus goes for 160K it’s still got a great camera but if you don’t mind a fairly used

smartphone, well, you can check out Obiwezy on Instagram, I’m not paid to say this, I haven’t worked with the brand either but they have a fairly used iPhone X

That’s an interesting deal and hey watch my video on how to identify a fake iPhone X or XS, you’ll see what to look out for.

The second question comes from Uchechukwu who asks: When unboxing & reviewing a device, how long does the videoing & editing take?

It takes about 2 full days to get a project done as I mostly do it all myself so yeah.

1 – 2 days and it’s quite a lot.

I think I gave an elaborate answer in the first ask Fisayo video so yeah.

I kind of got a similar question from Bayo and it was more, If you weren’t into Tech at all, what would you have been doing?

Well, funny story, I may or may not have wanted to be a banker but I was kind of convinced by my employers at the time to be a graphic designer.

It paid almost 3 times what I’d have gotten at the bank for a start and it was my passion so yeah.

did a collab with MrWhoseTheBoss, Eric, MissTechy, and a couple of my friends.

I couldn’t make many plans this year cos I was moving houses like 3 times, I finally settled a few months ago into this space that you’re seeing so

I have high hopes for 2020 and I’d reach out to Marques again that would be so amazing and MrWhoseTheBoss but in all, I’ll have to create really

quality content first and offer value to those who I’d be looking to collaborate with and of your you the audience, it has to make sense you know. Yeah.

From Johannes: I know you’ve probably been asked this question so many times, but, what’s the most important thing to remember as an upcoming Youtuber in your opinion,

do you have any advice for upcoming Youtubers like your boy here: I’d say that consistency is super important because YouTube isn’t immediately rewarding unless you put

in the effort, it’s going to suck but you have to try also.

Being different helps a lot, it’s hard to differentiate because almost everyone has access to the same level of information.

It’s what you do with that information that counts so do something different.

The best creatives are those that mix stuff, take from here, take from there combine and boom, do something interesting and that’s where you want to be.

Focus on the value you’re creating and do listen to anything I say if you don’t agree with it haha. 6.

This one I think I saw about 5 people or 6 or more ask these same set of questions: How do I get phones to review, what do I

do after I review them, what’s my daily driver, how do I make money from youtube and how long does it take.

I’ll start with how I get phones, mostly companies reach out now that they have a smartphone that they want to get a review.

Other times I just buy the phone if I’m interested in it.

After they’re used I mostly keep them, I think I’ve only sold 1 but I usually just mostly keep or give people.

About my daily driver it currently its the Reno 2 by Oppo, very interesting phone and I’ll have the review linked below for that.

Apart from ad-revenue, working with a brand for a sponsored post usually happens on my social media like Twitter or Instagram, sometimes I review their apps, software, and services

and share a few tips about it as well as working on certain campaigns as well 8.

From Yusy Lams: In your opinion, what are 5 important devices every YouTuber needs?

And when do you think 5g will become a norm in Nigeria?

Yes, 5G could be coming to Nigeria but in 2 years tops.

I made a video about the initial demo of 5G in Nigeria and we got to test a

You can find that video linked as well.

As far as devices for YouTubers, I won’t just talk about devices but 5 things, in general, I’d recommend.

iPhones have very great and capable cameras so that would cut it.

One of the things I struggle with and most other YouTubers that started with me also struggled with is the sound quality of their videos, it sucks to start

like that but over time and with good knowledge it gets better.

Another thing you need is some sort of natural light or light to fill what you already have.

Then A Laptop to edit off of, if you can’t get one and you have an iPhone, I would recommend the VideoLeap app.

The app is quite good and I’ve used it for major projects myself.

Lastly, one thing that made a difference when I first started was the kind of mouse I was using.

A simple mouse may get you results but it’s nothing compared to a mouse with multiple buttons and simple advice I’d give is to set your mouse speed

to something that’s quite fast, you may not be able to tolerate it in the beginning but you’ll get used to it and it speeds up workflow.

From GSM Ping: Which hand do you usually use to take the selfie?

My left hand, always, I don’t know why?

  1. Last question: 3 things I can’t do without As far as the real of YouTube though, Hmmm, my phone, my workstation, and probably social media.


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