The DSTV Self Service App

The DSTV Self Service App
The DSTV Self Service App

we’ll be talking about the DSTV Self-service App!

Which is the app that has one goal to give you, the user,fix errors and many

If you’re looking for How you can stream movies, Live TV shows, and sports or football matches on DSTV,

This is all about the self-service app which is a much faster way to manage your account in case of any changes or issues you might have.

We all know how things have sort of been so far in these past few days & of course a major part of helping this situation is by social distancing.

While that is happening though, you can, of course, stay entertained and informed somehow and the fact is that in Nigerian households today, all things being equal, there’s over

So the DSTv Self service app is a simple service tool or app, and on here, customers can clear error codes, determine account balance, contact customer care, and update account details.

The first thing I’ll talk about is How to get started on using this service because it’s not just the app, there are 3 ways you can go about this.

The first way is to Download the MyDSTv App on the Playstore or Apple App Store, add in the necessary details you’re then logged in.

I’ve been logged in to mine and if your device is fingerprint enabled or face unlock enable, instead of you to keep inputting your password, you can simply log

The second way is via USSD, you can simply Dial *288# on your phone and follow the instructions on there and select from the options you’re given.

Lastly, you can use the SMS service to get your account up and running.

Simply send “RESET” space your SMARTCARD number to 30333 to clear your error message and to determine your due date, you can also send DUE add a space then

your smart card number to the same number 30333.

It’s also important to note that the first 10 digits of your smart card number are required.

DSTv and GOTv are under Multichoice,they also have a similar app, the MyGoTv app,

can also find that linked in the description below or the card above.

Now once you’re all set up you’ll be ready to go and, this next section is for those who have the app or have downloaded it now.

One of the things that you’re going to do a lot is subscribing and the MyDSTv app is very easy for this, you may not need to use a

banking app if you want to quickly change options or see the latest offerings and from here you can make payment son the app much faster… but what if you

Well, you’ll be able to change and choose between up to 6 plans here from the Yanga plan which is the most affordable to the DSTV Premium Plan, and

the way you want for 48 hours which is cool.

Speaking of Box Office and the latest movies, you can check out the other offerings like DSTV Now which I mentioned at the beginning of the article

about it where you can watch live TV right on your smartphone with your DSTV subscription in place.

SuperSport, ShowMAX, and MNET for Shows, Reality TV Series, Also options for news channels and even links to other channel feeds.

It’s more of a hub of all your other channels and from what I can tell it’s a much easier way to manage what you want to keep tuning

Now one part where the MyDSTV app always comes in handy is in fixing errors, in the previous , there were a lot of people who had errors

when they tried to install the DStv now app to watch tv on their smartphone and many of these errors can be fixed on here.

The app would already display the pending errors associated with your app and as you can see, mine is a subscription issue and once I pay, its cleared and

I can go ahead to watch my selected channels.

If all hope is lost or sort of lost, you have links to reach out to them via the Contact Us section.

You’ll see their physical address, SMS, phone line email, and the USSD which we mentioned earlier in the first point, there’s also social media.

The last thing I want to talk about is managing your profile and account and you can do this in two way within the app, once you click the

Payment Upgrade, Fixing Errors which we’ve talked about, DSTV Home and School which are resources for more information and those who want to learn some basic academic work.

Boxoffice, ShowMAX, DSTV Now, and you can also Edit your Details or just change information about your subscriber.

You can also view transaction history, change the settings of your app, and learn more about the service essentially.

For the second way, there’s also a similar menu section up at the top right corner of the app with the same information I just talked about and to

the left of that is the alert slash notifications section.

That pretty much it those are 5 things you need to know before getting started with this app and let me know if you have any questions or comments

at all, I’ll be willing to help you answer then and of course those I can’t answer, refer to this section of this video where I talked about all the

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