My Review Of The Samsung Galaxy Fold.

My Review Of The Samsung Galaxy Fold.
My Review Of The Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Hey, what’s up guys, this is my review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

you’ve probably seen the snippet I posted of the Galaxy Fold on my socials.

Well, I’ve been using it since then over a week now, and here are my thoughts about this device.

Whenever I ask people about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first thing they always talk about is the price.

That price tag is quite high and of course, the form factor which you know, it folds.

It’s one of the first and foremost folding smartphones we got this year.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a $2,000 smartphone…cough and Samsung in Nigeria is selling this for 830,000 Naira.

Sweat clean Which is a lot of money, almost 1 million Naira for a smartphone.

I’ll be sharing my pros and cons, the things I liked and things I felt could have been done better, and I’ll have my usual timestamps in the description

and pinned comments so you can skip ahead to sections you want to get to quickly.

Alright, I’ll shut up now and without further ado,

The unboxing experience of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is pretty much what you’d expect from a top tier premium or should I say a luxury product with boxes on boxes on boxes.

Getting into the final box, it’s a white thick material with a folded sort of warped Galaxy inscription right on it.

You get a note that reminds you that this is a luxury device and that you’re being ushered into the future.

Then we get the almighty fold itself with a film on it with the care instructions but we’ll get to that later.

Underneath that is a thick paper holding and underneath said holding is a box that houses the case or cases for both sides of the fold.

If feels very soft to the touch and indeed like premium carbon fiber material.

Very nice and precise cuts and finish to it.

Further down inside the box, you get one of the start guides in Arabic, a warranty card, another warranty card.. basically 2 warranty cards you know to reassure you.

Transfer guide to moving data from your previous phone to the fold and a mini-tutorial on how to apply the case to the device.

I must say that the case looked and felt very good on the device and I never took it off for the most part during my use because,

I mean apart from the device having a huge invisible but obvious fragile sticker on it.

It did feel very nice with the case than without it and its nice that they included it.

It even has this cool embossed Fold written on it.

You also get a quick start guide in English and the sim ejector tool.

I also like that the Galaxy Fold comes with the Galaxy Buds included, this is something a company like Apple should take note of, maybe including AirPods with their

I’ve had the white Galaxy Buds myself and I love it.

I’ve been using it with my Note 10 already and it was indeed a pleasant experience to use both.

Still, inside the box, we get the adaptive fast charging power brick, USB c to USB cable to do On The GO stuff, and for transfers inbound for your phone.

We also get the USB C cable and lastly extra ear tips for the Galaxy Buds.

Say we remove the Galaxy Buds which currently goes for about $129, taking it away from the original price of the phone you end up with $1,851, so that’s

about 667,000 Naira if you look at the phone solely from all what you get in the box, still on the high side.

On the plastic in front of the device, we get the warning instructions, to not press hard on it, or put any sharp objects close to it.

a resistant device, and that you should not put any screen protector on it.

IT also contains quite a few magnets inside and should be taken away from credit cards or medical devices.

If you have those, you should consult your physician before you use your Galaxy Fold.

As far as the device’s build quality, taking that plastic wrap off we get a very interesting outlook on the front.

A 7.3-inch panel right up here which is made of plastic film material.

While the raised front lip is made of thicker plastic.

It’s very fragile but the sides all around and the hinge is made of metal.

The back as well is made of glass on both sides and the middle hinge is also made of metal.

Even without using the device much, you can already see the crease but it’s not so obvious when the screen is on.

On top of the Fold, when unfolded, you get the speaker and a microphone port up top, and on the bottom, there’s a USB-C port and another microphone port

beside it and a second speaker grille, you get a stereo speaker set up that’s very reliable here.

Of course, there’s no headphone jack but Samsung already gives you Galaxy Buds in the package.

On the left side is where you get the slot for a single SIM card that has a rubber ring to keep dust out, no expandable memory card on

here, just one slot because you already have a massive 512GB UFS3.0 storage on this guy.

Don’t think you’d be needing more memory than that alongside a 12GB ram.

On the right side is where we get the volume rockers, the sort of power button that is also a Bixby button, and the fingerprint reader.

In front of the Galaxy Fold when folded, you get a 10MP camera sensor, which also has the ambient sensor and works for face unlocks while you get the

earpiece which right beside it which is a metal frame material.

You get the same 10MP camera with an additional 8MP camera for depth sensing, similar ambient light sensor and this section also works for face unlock.

On the back, we get pretty much the same camera set up as we got on the Note 10 Plus, 12MP wide, 12MP telephoto, and 16MP ultrawide.

Just without the Time of Flight Sensor on the Note 10 and no mention of the Super steady video feature but video footage I got from the Fold was

The lower part of the back has the certifications in a bit of fainted text.

In terms of weight, the device is almost double the weight of my Note 10 at 275Grams and with that light carbon fiber case, it’s up to 289Grams compared

About color options for the Galaxy Fold, there are four colors, Cosmos Black, Space Silver, Martian Green, and Astro Blue.

But from what I read, the Martian Green and Astro Blue are only available for the 5G version of this device.

It took just a minute to boot and set up, despite the novelty, it’s much faster than most quote-unquote normal phones.

You get the prompt warning you that your device is very delicate like with the plastic outside.

Of course, It’s an Android device at heart, rocking Android 9.

The display on the Fold is one of a kind at 7.3 inches, unfolded it’s a tablet.

However, when it’s folded it becomes a 4.6-inch display.

To put it in context, it’s almost the exact screen size as the Samsung S7 mini but taller.

It’s a 720p display, at 720 x 1680p.

it can feel very small to view things or to even type and its got bezels for days but

something to note is that when you want to watch videos on it while it’s folded, you can set it to 1080p or even 1440p if that’s the video quality

but it’s a 720p display this is because it folds into that display.

Now when it’s unfolded, it becomes a tablet-sized 7.3 inch Dynamic AMOLED display, Resolution is right at 1536 x 2152 pixels with a 362PPI and HDR 10.

Screen to body ratio on here is 85.7% and video quality on it was very good, it even streams HDR at 2K something you won’t find in some

Although, Samsung pushes the UI elements there to the center and some optimized apps would blackout in horizontal mode.

This curved notch to the side while it may not be as symmetrical as it could have been for many people.this on either side so they would block it if it was on either side of the hands holding it.

The 2 most common ways to hold this would either completely block the notch which would give room for the stereo speakers and I thought was the more

ideal way or make it stick right in your face and also blocking the speakers.

Either way, the notch would cut off some content.

This one isn’t a gripe per se because it’s not so obvious when it’s turned on and you’re watching something unless it’s completely white or slightly angled, then

But whenever people saw me using this device.

That was the first thing they pointed out.

For a different kind of display, the Fold is sharp there are no edge vignette-like glass molds, You also get Dark mode, Blue Light Filter and the normal

You can also adjust how you want the navigations keys to be positioned, left-right, or centered.

But you can on the outside, and as far as that outside display it’s really small and you sort of beginning to start appreciating or should I say missing

I could barely use it ….. like actually use it but it worked as sort of an info screen for me.

I used the Galaxy Fold more when it was unfolded.

You can remap the side button from the Advanced settings in the phone’s settings app.

You get a few options for what happens when you double press or when you press and hold.

There’s a stereo speaker and stereo microphone set up going on here and we’ll now test how well the Galaxy Fold performs with sound quality, here’s how the microphone

and speakers perform: The sound quality was very good to my ears, I don’t have any complaints about it, it sounded really good and of course as you saw, there’s

no headphone jack but you get a “Free” pair of galaxy buds.

I used the Galaxy Buds in the gym, for travel for a lot of things.

Quick pros and cons about it, I like that you can touch it to control but I had just a few issues with people hearing me during calls and

Oh and the Fold also has Wireless Powershare to charge your Galaxy Buds or maybe your iPhone.. .the ultimate flex.

As far as day to day use goes for the Galaxy Fold, for me, it was a pleasant experience using something that was kind of novel but I had

to adjust to it and also treat it like an egg.

I feel like smartphones are so important to a lot of people that it’s become almost passive at this point and people don’t think much about getting what they

The Fold requires a lot more care in handling.

It’s not water or dust-proof so you may want to keep your phone closed and away from dust at all times.

Multitasking on the Fold, is tablet tier, of course, trust Samsung to utilize all that space.

so when you’re using an app from the inside, you get to continue with the front screen or vice versa.

This would work with most apps especially ones with a lot of scrolling but it may not work for certain games.

Inside apps like Instagram for instance because of the Aspect Ratio of the Fold, you get some content cut off which could be a potential downside but when its folded

it works well so that’s one quirk of having a sort of squared aspect ratio.

The Galaxy Fold comes with some of the highest-end specs for 2019.

Snapdragon 855, a very good processor, which I mentioned earlier.

No single lag during my whole use but, of course, I only had it for a week.

Coupled with that whooping 12GB of RAM there are no lower or higher options but seriously how high do you want it, and it’s a crazy performance from here,

you can still use the device alongside an actual monitor with DEX support.

Just like the Note 10, 10, and their higher offerings.

Okay, the specs are great, how about the gaming experience on this device?

Well, I have my gaming review coming out very soon so stick around for that however, during my tests, 30 minutes of Gaming took about 10% each time.

I think battery was about 25% when I started gaming and it went down to that to 15% and after another 30 minutes of gaming, it went down to 2%.

Gaming graphics was very good on this guy, PUBG was set to the highest setting there was no lag, there was no pixel loss and even checking the

Of course, in terms of user experience, there’s a crease there but when focusing on the content it’s not so obvious unless of course it’s tilted.

Oh, and most games would only work in the unfolded section.

The rest of your apps may work on the front screen but not all the games.

PUBG & Asphalt did work but playing on such a small screen is probably not what anyone would be into.

When you check the device on the inside, there are two batteries placed on either side.

Both battery cells are split almost evenly with one being slightly higher than the other to make up a total of 4,380 mAh.

My day to day use was a bit weird.

On days of heavy use, it usually ended up dying kinda fast like 5 – 6 hours, that’s because I turn on the hotspot, use location services or Google maps.

Also, battery life overnight when I had my data on would drain by about 20%.

But on a few occasions where I just had the mobile data turned on and was not using the device as much, it was reaching that 10-hour mark

that it was rated for and sometimes surpassing it but it was a bit rare for me.

The Fold comes with an 18W charger in the box and with regards to its charging speed, I would say it’s pretty normal.

It took 30 minutes to get from 0 to 30%, and another 30 minutes to get to 54% so that means, in 1 hour, you get to go from

In another 30 minutes, it went to 79%, another 30 minutes gets you to 97%.

Overall, It took 2 hours and 5 minutes to get from 0 to 100% You already know that the cameras on both the folded and unfolded sections are the

Well, you can use your face to unlock your Fold from the front and from inside as well. Options.

And you also can use the fingerprint reader which is located at the side of the device.

That is more reliable and is very fast.

Now to the cameras on the Galaxy Fold.

As I mentioned earlier, we get a 10MP camera upfront and when it’s unfolded, we get the same 10MP camera and an 8MP beside it for depth sensing

So portraits would be better when the Fold is open.

On the back, it’s the same as the Note 10 as I mentioned 12MP wide, 12MP telephoto and 16MP ultra-wide but with exception to the Time of

You get pretty much all the great features in live portraits and 960fps super slow motion.

The view finger is quite the large one and it works well when you’re doing wide-angle or even zooming in shots with up to 10x but again the

the front display is really small to use as a viewfinder but it works.

Portrait or Live Focus shots blur the background with software and indoors, it’s not perfect and you can see some parts of the hair being blurred with the background.

For almost a million Naira, 830,000 to be specific or 1980 dollars approximately 2,000, the Galaxy Fold which is still in beta or its First Gen stage

is the stuff of enthusiasts who are willing to contribute to this new frontier by Samsung.

If you’re into the coverage of the Fold, you’ll remember it was recalled due to a few accidental damages and Samsung worked on it and shipped them again with

I also saw how durable that hinge is by Jerry Rig, it’s not bendable as such in the opposite direction and the screen is very fragile.

It’s not for everyone and in fact, I remember when I announced the Galaxy Fold on my stories, it was sort of sold out at the time so yeah.

Do I think that the Fold or foldable phones are the future?

In a way, yes, because of the Novelty factor that it offers and of course developers taking advantage of the form factor, and Samsung’s data on usage of their current models.

I saw a teaser that the Verge posted
That’s pretty much it guys, if you had the money to buy a Foldable Smartphone which one would buy let me know in the comments down below, or if

you could get the Samsung Galaxy Fold, would you buy it?


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