My Gaming Review Of The Samsung Galaxy Fold.

My Gaming Review Of The Samsung Galaxy Fold.
My Gaming Review Of The Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Hey, what’s up guys, this is my gaming review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Before I get into the details, I’d like to say a happy new year and with that in collaboration with my buddy who I collaborated with last year,

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Alright, that’s that, I’ll get back to the gaming review.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the highest-end device that Samsung made in 2019 and as I mentioned in my review which is linked below, the device does pretty

It comes with the Snapdragon 855 which is the best one in a Samsung smartphone you can buy as at the time of this recording and In this Gaming

Review, we’ll be playing some of the top games on the play store right now like Asphalt 9, Call of Duty, PUBG, and eFootball or PES 2020.

These four games will be played for 15 minutes each with screen record and FPS counter on which could put on some more strain on the battery but in

all we’ll have a total of 1 hour of gameplay and from there I’ll share my thoughts.

I will also be checking the temperature with the heat gun right here from the beginning to the end of each session.

And like you probably already know, the Galaxy Fold uses a dual set of batteries on both sides of the fold to make up the total 4,380 mah.

I also would be checking the battery levels to see how the battery or batteries perform.

Without further ado, let’s get to the gameplay.

Before we start any game, I’ll be clearing the cache so no apps are running.

The phone is exactly 100% and we’ll see how it does from here.

I’ve let the phone charge up to 100% so temperature before we start any of the testings, is around 34 degrees at the top of the back and 31

These parts of the screen are the parts that usually get heated pretty quick and For the front, because of the orientation we’re going for and the fact that

the thumb pretty much rests for all of these games on the screen, the temperature is 32 degrees on both top and bottom.

I’ll be using the stopwatch to track how far we go with each game.

The first game we’re gonna be playing is PUBG Mobile-First things first, clearing the cache, as you can see, no recent apps and the FPS counter is right

there is the top right corner of the device.

Diving right into the game, graphics on PUBG was set to a default High with HDR and this can also be seen on the settings, of course, this is

As I mentioned in the display section of my review, there’s a crease there and it shows when you tilt but not too much when it’s faced to you head-on.

After 15 minutes of PUBG so far the phone became warm.

Although, I noticed no frame drops and graphics was still high.

Anyway, as far as battery goes we only lost 7% as it went down to 93% after 15 minutes of gaming from a 100.

The phone felt slightly warm to the touch as I mentioned it goes up to 39 degrees from 34 on the back which felt the warmest.

I quickly moved on to the next game we’ll be playing now, which is Call of Duty.

As always, I’ll be clearing the cache and to jump right in, in terms of actual gameplay, I did enjoy it with no lags.

After 15 minutes and playing some battles, Call of Duty took the battery down from 93% to 84% which is a 9% loss in battery life.

In terms of heating, the device stayed at the same temperature range of 39 degrees just like PUBG drove it up too.

Frame rates did drop on the Fold for the gameplay of call of duty from the normal 60fps to about 45fps, this didn’t affect my overall gaming quality though.

Alright to the next game, we’ll be clearing our cache, removing any apps in the multitasking menu and we’ll open up Asphalt 9 and now to the gameplay.

After 15 minutes of gameplay on Asphalt 9 running several races battery first of all went down to 76% from 94% that it was.

the FPS testing that Asphalt went down to 30 frames per second.

This was rather tasking for the Fold but again, it didn’t destroy my gaming experience but still the lowest FPS of all in gameplay.

The last game we’ll be playing is PES 2020 dubbed eFootball PES 2020 on the Playstore.

Graphics was already set at a standard resolution and you even get to change the fps setting as well.

In terms of PES 2020 gameplay, After 15 minutes, the battery went from 76% to 65% which is the biggest decrease among all games, and 11% decrease.

The temperature didn’t move up as much, it still stayed in the 39 marks and it’s sort of safe to say that the Fold goes up to 39 degrees in

In all, the battery went from 100% at the beginning of this test to 65% after 1 hour of gameplay Also, I’ll just make an inference and mention that 1

hour of gaming results in 35% battery loss and then heating was in the range of the 34s to the 40s in terms of degree ranges.

For my overall verdict, I played each game with a screen record turned on so a 35% loss for 1 hour may also not be too bad or could be exaggerated.

Audio quality was great, you’ve got a stereo speaker set up here and the best way to hold the Fold os I mentioned in my review is to have

the camera down to allow for space in the areas your eyes will be focusing on.

The fold in general could also be room for more foldable.

It’s a flexible OLED panel and you can even game on the glass panel we’re used to in the front of the device.

Frame rates dropped for more heavy games but the quality wasn’t too altered.

what did you think of the Galaxy Fold’s Gaming performance, let me know in the comments below.


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