On Your Smartphone 5 Things You Must Try

On Your Smartphone 5 Things You Must Try
On Your Smartphone 5 Things You Must Try

1: Ugh, I wish there was a way I could scan all these pages and organize them quickly in like a pdf or something on my phone.

This is just too frustrating 2: Oh you didn’t know your iPhone’s default notes app could do that already?

2: Yeah, okay… so in this episode, we’re going to be explaining all that and more tips on how to better use your smartphone but,

3: Yeah Yeah Yeah Android is better than iPhone, yeah sorry what was the question again?

Welcome to the first episode of Dissect Tech brought to you by Union Bank.

where I dissect and round up mobile tech tips for you to work better and utilize your mobile/smartphone experience.

did you know that your iPhone’s default Notes app has a scanner

that could scan your files and save them as a transferable PDF?

if you did know that’s fine if you didn’t hear how to go about it.

I must mention that this is not new by any means of course and if you have an Android device an app like CamScanner, very well known can easily

So first things first, you want to make sure you’ve got your iPhone of course and it’s updated to the latest version of iOS.

Open the Notes app and place it over the page, while doing that you can tap on the camera icon from your notes, and tap on scan documents.

Now it doesn’t matter what angle you’re in it would still try to look for four corners of that page and put four points around it or around

Once you capture you can then adjust points around it and fine-tune the edges to get a photo-realistic scan.

It lets you repeat this process multiple times, not sure about the limit but you can keep going to scan what you need.

From here you can either share it as individual images via email and this would be helpful if you have to like documents that you want to send individually.

Alternatively, you can then send it to iBooks where it’s compiled into a single PDF document and you can also share via mail as a single PDF file.

One thing to even note is that the new iOS update now lets you take scroll shots from a website and even save that as a PDF.

The second tip is for Twitter uses like you and me.

If you’re on Twitter or you probably have thought about using.

If You’ve ever come across a dope tweet and you wanted to know what people are saying about it other than in the replies?

You’d want to know what the quoted tweets are.

First of all, through Twitter itself, you can simply just mention quoted replies under a tweet (other than yours) and it brings out all the tweets quoting that particular tweet. OR.

You could download the Quoted Replies app and when you hit share, it goes straight into the quoted replies.

It works well either way but I prefer using the app.

This app was developed by a Nigerian named Dara Tobi.

You should check it out I’ll link it below.

At number 3, Tall Screenshots: Alright, this one is for Android users.

If your phone probably doesn’t support Scroll Screenshots, maybe you take a screenshot of a webpage and it’s just static but you want more of a webpage or something

Now I’ve been using the Oppo Reno 2 as my daily driver before switching to another device I’ve reviewed it and you can find the link in the description below.

Well, the Reno 2 can do scroll screenshots by default and it’s pretty easy and among many of some other android devices that can do that, however a

the device I reviewed earlier and also used for a bit, the Nokia 7.2 is pure Android, basically an android one device with little additions in terms of extra apps Normally

to take a screenshot, you’d have to press and hold the power button like you want to turn to off the device.

Then take a screenshot, Even on a scrollable timeline, there’s no other option other than a static screenshot.

An app called LongShot can help you do this.

Simply copy and paste the link of the webpage and when you’re in the Longshot app, select Capture Webpage it then allows you to select the start and end

points and you’re good to go in a few seconds you have a scrolling shot.

Not only that, if you’ve got multiple screenshots, you can stitch them vertical or horizontally which is crazy simple sort of basic I guess, but I like these features.

If you want to take a scrolling screenshot on iPhone though, well iOS 13 as I said brought about this change and what’s more, is that it automatically

saves as a PDF for you if that’s a webpage but that’s pretty much

At number 4, Privacy: One thing I always talk about online and offline is privacy and I made a whole video about VPNs, you know what is a VPN

Simply put a VPN doesn’t let your ISP or any hacker, government, spy whatever have access to the information you send and receive via the internet.

I almost always use a VPN when I’m online to stay protected and how a VPN does this of course is by changing your location.

Say you’re in Nigeria, you can change your location to the US and if you’re sort of familiar with the web, you’ll know that sites like Netflix, Spotify are

either limited or have a different content plan altogether where you know the content in the US is different from that of Nigeria, that of the UK, and more.

Or Straight up just not available in the country.

In my previous video I mentioned how, you know, Suits had the complete 8 seasons at the time for one region and only 6 for the current region I

I also have been using Spotify for over a year now and that’s thanks to having a VPN and once I set it, I didn’t even need to use

I’ll link a VPN below this video and a site to check for other options.

Lastly, this one is a bit technical, if you’re like me and have always wanted to invest in stocks from US companies, in Nigeria, well you’re in luck… sort

If you’ve been following me on Social media you’ve probably seen my post about the Invest Bamboo app.

It’s an app that helps you invest in US stocks pretty straightforward.

I like the interface of the app and how quick it is to access a lot of things around it.

I like that the app has a section for news coverage to let you know what’s the latest thing happening about the companies you’re interested in and even a

section to learn about the app and trading as well.

What I didn’t like about the app though is that it takes a bit of time to deposit money into your trading account which kind of defeats the purpose of

real-time trading you know but it’s a start.

They’re regulated and insured in the US and…I recommend.

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