The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Is The World’s First Commercially

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Is The World’s First Commercially

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is the world’s first commercially available 108M Penta camera smartphone and in this first look , I’ll share my initial thoughts about this device.

the one that has all the bells and whistles and I’d love for you guys

As always, I’ll have timestamps that you can skip ahead within the description below so you can get to where you need quick information.

The Mi Note 10’s cardboard box is wrapped in some plastic and when that’s taken off, we get the box itself.

Opening it ushers us into the Mi Note 10 and from my first glances at it, it already looks amazing.

I’m going to put it to the side first and I’ll get to it in a very short but.

Taking the phone holder’s base away, we have a smaller box as we usually do, inside this box is where we get the sim ejector tool, right there, first

the thing we see and inside this box, we’ve got Xiaomi’s slightly bulky user manual, warranty card, also filled with some information as you flip through the pages and the last

the thing in the smaller box is this flexible case.

Xiaomi always adds this and they should not stop doing that.

Further down, in terms of accessories, we get the USB c charging cable and of course a large power brick that just slips out what looks like a socket

This power brick is a 30-watt charger I believe which is a step in the right direction and compliments aside, it does feel a bit heavy in the

One thing I didn’t really like is that it doesn’t come with headphones out of the box, but I ordered Xiaomi’s wireless buds.

And I’ll be testing them out as well although they’re very cheap around 8 thousand Naira which is like 25 dollars, really affordable like 8,000 Naira.

We’ve got the specs are written out for us, the 108 ultra-high-resolution camera, Penta camera inscription alongside the device having 10x hybrid zoom with OIS, 6.47 3D curved

AMOLED display, huge 5260mAh battery with 30W fast charger which we just saw in the box earlier.

For the price of 179 thousand, 900 Naira, you can get this exact model on Jumia and it feels premium already just from unboxing it.

The curviness on the device reminds you of the Older Samsung Flagships from 2015 like the S8 and those were preceded by models branded with the edge, think S6 Edge.

Of course, the back is also a fingerprint magnet because of how shiny it is.

Up top, from left to right, we’ve got a microphone and an IR blaster and the antenna line, there’s nothing on the left side but the right side,

again from left to right, we’ve got the volume rockers, power button, and the sim slot.

This time around, there’s no expandable storage, however, there’s a rubber seal at the edge but I’m not sure about an IP rating for water resistance on this device.

At the bottom though is where we get the speaker grilles, a single speaker which is not so great on this guy, a stereo speaker would have been great

but for 179K, it’s not too bad but still.

It’s got another microphone port is beside it, the USB C port and the headphone jack.

These are all flanked by antenna lines and if you look at the case that comes with the Mi Note 10 which fits pretty well, by the way, there’s

what looks like a cut out for each antenna line on all sides and I thought this was pretty thoughtful.

The back of the Mi Note 10 is where we’ve got the 5 cameras sitting pretty, they are all arranged vertically while the sets of dual flashlights are

The bottom of that is where we’ve got the Xiaomi Branding alongside certifications.

The upper front of the device has got the main 32MP selfie camera and above it is the earpiece and beneath all that of course is the gorgeous AMOLED display.

This is gaming-focused himself and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite games on here with little to no lag, plus a bit of eye candy with

Other things I’ll be testing for my full review include that whopping 5,260 mah big battery and it comes with a 30W fast charger in the box.

I can’t wait to share the full statistics in the review.

Modes of unlocking apart from pin patter and passwords on here are mainly faced unlock and on-screen fingerprint reader which both work just fine.

Samsung first announced 108 Megapixels but the first device to have it shipped, was this Xiaomi device and this is it in my hands.

Has been out for a couple of months but having this is giving me an idea of what to expect with the S20 ultra.

As far as the camera’s body itself, from top to bottom, we’ve got a first 5MP telephoto lens, then beneath it is the 12MP telephoto lens, beneath both is

Those 3 occupy a ridge and because it’s not enough, there’s a 20MP ultrawide camera and a 2MP macro lens which didn’t look too pleasing in photos as far

Wide-angle shots on this device still have the same concise or convex shape to structures that are normally straight until you use the other lenses, noise begins to

appear as you zoom in which is expected at this point, but it still retains a lot of quality even in maximum zoom levels.

Of course, you can shoot RAW when you’ve got a large 108MP camera up there, I like the colors that the Mi Note 10 produced, again even when

it’s zoomed in you still get to retain some of the saturation in the color that it has.

When I tried using the maximum 50X zoom, I stayed in the same position getting a tiny basketball and I could only max out at 44x, beyond that, the

the ball would be out of frame, at the same standing point.

Also, something not too big but a bit worthy of note is that without using Portrait mode, the Mi Note 10’s camera naturally adds bokeh or background blur effects to shots.

Selfies are of course great on this guy, just make sure to turn off beauty mode but some may be into it.

It still also falls short of the exposure problems you Get with almost all smartphone cameras trying to focus on the brightest areas while dimming others The camera on

this device as far as video goes is what I’ll describe as fast, I like the fact that it autofocuses so fast, the more I moved an object away

and back, it kept being consistent and it’s not something you see a lot among devices around this price range.

In terms of colors and balancing, it may be a bit off but it’s still consistent and that’s what matters.

I also loved how it kept a consistent bokeh when I used it for more objects up close.

Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive review of the cameras, I’ll be doing my normal overall testing very soon but what do you guys make of the camera quality

from what you’ve seen and is there anything you’d want me to test out, do let me know in the comments.

again what likely questions do you have so I can answer it better


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