Minimalist Desk Set Up

Minimalist Desk Set Up
Minimalist Desk Set Up

Hey what’s up guys, If you’ve been following the channel you’ll know that we used to shoot in this older space before that was a bit

tight and now we’ve moved into this slightly bigger 50 square feet space.

This took a lot of time. it’s why I haven’t been posting as much, yeah…and of course, it took some investment from my pocket and the vision I had

for this place was something I could film and work in while having fun and enjoying the content I make for you guys and be able to deliver consistently for

you guys so this is the beginning of that.

I did a tour about the whole studio here before I put anything inside here, this space is still a

work in progress so I’m open to your suggestions in the comments below after you smash the like button of course.

In this video, I’ll be doing a desk set up the tour a mini studio tour, showing you guys the progress we’ve made so far in this space and I’ll

be rounding it off with a Q and A.

This video is brought to you by Western Digital, makers of very solid storage devices, and did you guys know Western Digital owned SanDisk?

anyway I have a line up of 6 amazing storage devices I’ll talk about in this video and will be giving away any ANY one of your choice so

out of 6 items that they wanted me to check out, you get to win anyone and I’ll be picking from the comments, so to win, you’ll have

to comment which one you want specifically and the reason you do and also drop let us know you appreciate the effort we put in…so

I’ll be talking about how I use them in my set up, also feel free to share this if you eventually enjoy

It’s certainly not a lot but it works.

It’s not a work chair more that it is a studio chair and I specifically chose this because of the height, good sitting posture requires that your feet

stays balanced on the floor so this had sort of the perfect measurement for my legs.

The chair I want though, the chair I’m trying to get is the thermal miller embody, I’ve heard and read great reviews but guys… THAT THING costs $1,500

The desk itself was custom created by a carpenter here in Lagos, the same with all the white furniture in the room, except the chairs as you’ll later see.

It’s just a simple thick table that has four drawers and I’ll leave a link to the person who made it in the description.

With that out of the way, now onto the desk itself.

I’m going to start from left to right, and it’s more of a multifunctional desk if you look at it.

It’s where I work and record and work on what I record… hmmm.

Wink Anyway, to my left, I’ve got the Shur or surely I’m not sure pun intended.. anyway Shure SM7B, and as I’m talking about these products, I’ll

this is a very very popular microphone among the podcasting community.

recordings like this and voice-overs, this has been one of the best additions to my set up, audio is very important and I love the sound quality of it,

I could easily see myself as a “professional” — Hello Hello, Testing Testing this beats 99.9 FM I’m your host with the most, name you boy FF back

in the building and today, we’re talking about Lagos Traffic, its so bad you can cook beans and serve families and you may still not reach your destination ye.

I’m still planning on getting a proper shotgun mic like that Sennheiser MKH416 but again, it’s quite expensive, so not yet…… add to wishlist.. smile.

And guys all of these products you can get online with the link in the description.

If you stick around to the end, in the Q and A section, I’ll show you a tip on the best way to buy from Amazon and most US

sites, ship them to Nigeria, and not break your bank or destroy your pocket.

Funny enough, it was one of the questions in the Q and A. Okay!

Holding the microphone is a Rode PSA arm or swivel mount for microphones like these. it’s very very tough, made out of metal and is spring-loaded, you can

Now, still, on the audio side of things, I do have what’s called a cloud lifter it’s sort of a booster for your microphone and basically, it reduces background

In my sort of studio tour, I mentioned that this space is soundproof because we added rock wools into the walls and that way because I’m in Nigeria

and this blessed country never has electricity so I have to run on generators, this has made me spend all the money in my savings to soundproof this room

Back to the point the cloud lifter would pick up sharper patterns for audio now, I don’t get to hear generator noises in my videos and you get a

better experience, everybody wins and also it runs into my audio interface, This is the Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface, the main job this has is to take audio form

the microphone and directly supply it to your DAW which means Digital Audio Workstation on your computer so it’s just recorded once and for all.

I don’t recommend you buy it if you’re just starting, it’s, in my opinion, one of the highest-end production

tools for audio and my audio is processed directly into the computer so I have nothing to worry about.

Also, guys, if you want to see me do a video on how I record my audio step by step, let me know in the comments below.

However, you can use DAWs like Audacity for something like this as well.

The Scarlett 2i2 is usually for musicians and shameless plug, I also make music, like produce I have some instrumentals on my Sound cloud and I rap occasionally.. not in

the shower anymore… Yeah…Moving on, and still about Sound, a more recent addition to the set up are the Yamaha HS8 studio monitors or speakers, these are high grade, high

These speakers or these studio monitors are typically used by Music producers or producers that give some priority to sound to hear a lot of the sound patterns from

instruments they use in creating a full-on production and I admit when I started using these, not only to make music but to also listen to music and my

own recordings, I started to hear a whole lot of things going on with the sound, I heard things I would never have heard with normal speakers, with how professional

producers make their music and how we receive them.

Long story short, it’s phenomenal and I think it’s the second most expensive thing on this desk setup after my laptop.

I have the speakers on a stand here because the sound is just so heavy, putting it on your desk without any foam pads would rattle it and you

won’t enjoy it and of course, I’m the worst at cable management but hey, I just moved in here and it’s still a work in progress.

Somehow……CLAP Paired with the studio monitor, I have a monitor headphone, the Audio Technica M50x, I’ve had it before but it was already wearing out and my brother sort

of took ownership of that then I got these again, So yeah, Audio Technica is one of the trusted brands when it comes to audio monitoring on headphones but

a friend of mine who produces music for really top people in the Nigerian music scene recommends some headphones from Sennheiser, specifically the Sennheiser HD 800 or if you’re budget

conscious, then the 660 would work as well, they’re open-back headphones and are a bit pricy, could be because of the brand name.

Everything that has to do with audio, the Yamaha monitors, the microphone and the audio technical are channeled through to the Scarlett 2i2 interface and can be controlled, volume

We’ve got a Dell Monitor, this is a 27-inch 2K resolution display, code name U2715H and paired with my MacBook the 4GB Radeon Pro graphics card helps support

I’ve had it for over 3 years now I think and I’ve been trying to upgrade from this.

It’s long overdue at this point but spoiler alert, I do have something coming very soon in a couple of weeks or days, anyway do stick around, that review is

underway. This monitor is set upon a wooden frame holder, I got it from Jumia Global and it took almost a month to ship down to Nigeria.

It feels okay and it just works, and underneath it is where the Audio Interface is as you’ve seen.

Fun fact is that all of this is powered by the MacBook Pro just sitting there, like the boss that it is.

I’m still using the 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, that we infamously got for… don’t check the price… because it just doesn’t make any sense.

It’s pretty old but I’ll leave a link to the review below.

Because we only have USB C ports throughout, we’ve got to use Dongles.

Apart from the fact that I always have to keep the charger plugged in.

Accessories I use a lot and plug to the MacBook are 1.

My HDMI Display cable that goes into my computer plugged in via its dongle to power up the monitor.

I always have to back up my files so I have the Western Digital My passport which is 4TBs of Storage.

All of my files are backed up safely and something I like about Macs is that once you set your Time Machine hard drive, I set my back up

time to every hour and it has a lot of other commands that just take over the whole process for me.

Fun fact I had an older 4TB Western Digital My Passport Hard drive as well and it’s almost even full.

So that’s a lot of files and a lot of backups almost 8 terabytes and we’re just getting started.

As if that wasn’t enough, Western Digital Also threw in a 1TB My Passport hard drive, still in the same line, if you’re looking for something smaller.

One thing I also noticed about these western digital products is that they all come with 2 years of local warranty if you purchase it here.

Just lookout for the stickers before you purchase.

Another SanDisk product I use is the Dual Drive USB 3.0 flash that works for Android Devices.

I got the 128GB version this time but I’ve had the 32GB version since last year.

I like that the form factor is small enough It’s been pretty useful for transferring pictures from my phone to the external drive and then to my laptop.

Essential if you do a lot of transfer stuff.

Not to feel neglected, there is also a very similar product for the iPhone or Apple ecosystem, the iXPand Flash Drive.

Also in 128GB, it pretty much performs the same function as the Dual Drive, just for the iPhone & iPad, and iPod touch… I don’t discriminate.

One of the benefits is that with the iXpand you can also playback large files right off the flash drive.

The last 2 Western Digital hard drives I’ve got are the WD Green and WD Black, these are for more technical based users and mainly used in PC Builds.

The WD Green is a 2.5 inch SSD and so far I’ve been looking at hard drives which spin apart from my San Disk 1TB SSD which I’ll get

SSDs are much much faster, they don’t have any moving parts and this is suitable for laptops or desktops and the WD Green draws less power and makes

working on your computer, your laptop especially much faster.

Western Digital also makes a higher-powered WD Blue hard drive that you can check out,

Finally, the 2TB WD Black is also a higher-end 3.5 inch 6Gigabits per second hard drive and even though on the sticker they didn’t specify how many years

of warranty, on the box, this has 5 years of warranty.

This is also for the PC Build audience and based on the reviews, it’s pretty fast and I do want to test it out Whenever I record footage,

and I want to dump it onto the computer, I use SanDisk’s SD card adapter for the SanDisk SD Card, and one thing I recently bought myself a while ago

it’s pricey, I bought mine for a little over 80K on Jumia and it’s one of the fastest hard drives I’ve

It has one of the highest ratings on Amazon.

Both of them have been one of the older collections I’ve had on my desk.

My dongle extension is from Anker with quite the substantial USB ports, and I also have an Anker wireless charger which I almost just use as a timer

stand at this point but it’s cool to have.

And still, on accessories, other accessories that aren’t necessarily plugged in but of course, highly required, are the main peripherals, the White Apple Magic Keyboard, white Magic Mouse both

to match the setup and the Logitech MX Master 2S, it’s one of the best mice you can pick up but Logitech has upgraded this and I should be

adding that to the setup but this still works so no need to fix it I guess.

Short story, when I started getting into computers, I mostly majored in graphic design.

I’ll say this to anyone looking to do any computer work and I was super fortunate to receive this “advice” early.

Get a fast mouse, preferably a mouse with buttons to the side, and increase the tracking speed to near maximum UNTIL you’re comfortable with it.

I have mine close to the highest and trust me, you’re going to cut down a lot of time working on projects.

I specifically asked people on Instagram and Facebook so that’s where we’ll be getting questions from.

The first question is from Facebook, from Kingsley, he asks: The S20 models in Nigeria use what SoC Qualcomm snapdragon 865 or Samsung Exynos 990?

I even have the S20s but I wish I had both a Snapdragon and this Exynos to work with.

Other than that, I’ll have to keep researching, however, to answer your question, yes UK, Nigeria we get Exynos, I know the US gets Qualcomm.

Benjamin says, Hi Fisayo. Are you an Android person or an IOS person And are you a Windows Person or Mac person Give reasons pls – I am a

both person and the reason is that I’m a tech reviewer, I’m looking to do more computer content moving forward and we’ll see how that goes.

Orobiyi asks, Is there any way someone can know if the phone he or she is buying tampers or not original without even open it’s the case or tampering with its seal.

I #AskFisayo #Setup especially with regards to buying something like an iPhone, I’ll

Mainly ask for a warranty when you want to buy from and this is usually relative to where you’re purchasing from.

If you can, try buying on sites like Jumia where there’s a return policy so if the phone turns out fake and you can prove it, then you’ll get

Don’t go too cheap and look for authorized resellers.

Moving on to Instagram: Fisayo, I was one of Olorisupergal’s students in January one question

I’m a triplet For real, you see I had to employ both my brothers to work with me on that video so…BEEP…well there are 2 ways of splitting

They however all involve shooting the same scene multiple times.

One way of cloning yourself is having the camera stay in one position, filming it, and them filming the second scene and joining them together through a process called Masking.

Now in my case, I have camera robots that film for me so this makes me do the same thing, only this time, it has moved something you can

never achieve with a regular tripod or something that’s not motorized.

I would like to ask your sincere options about buying a new laptop online.

I’ve used some services that work pretty well, however, most are quite expensive with their shipping and handling.

I not so recently started using ShareshopShip and they’re quite fast.

get stuff from Amazon and other US sites and deliver in 1 – 2 weeks.

All you have to do is copy a link to something you want and send it to them.

I’ve made it easier by linking things I mentioned in this video so, if there’s anything just copy the short link I have here and forward to them, they’ll

take over handling and they’ve been reliable for me.

Jumia is also a great example, and Konga as well but they are usually limited.

If you want a bit of control, you can buy the item yourself and even send to a US address, the service called ShopToMyDoor, has one of the more

affordable rates, however, they’re not as fast in delivering and customer service is a bit iffy for me.

Last question: Why did you get a Cat?

Yes, I have a baby boy, named Aden.

He doesn’t talk too much just don’t leave him alone.

Alright Q and A done, desk set up done, and I said I’ll do a quick tour of the space, we’ve seen the desk already and now onto the

the right side of the desk is a sort of TV Stand, I only have my printer on it but more things are coming, In the shelve below it is 3

compartments, for things like consoles, some accessories and I may or may not be bringing a gaming monitor and a PC build into this space, I may or may not.

Beneath all that is a long shelve, I specifically chose this kind because of all the large equipment we’ll be fitting in there, There’s a couch to the right,

which can serve as a shooting angle, Also guys, this studio space is also within the same Lagos apartment with 2 amazing content creators, Tayo Aina Films and Mohammed Agbada,

and we’re also considering starting a podcast here as well.

And to the other side is a white desk for another shooting angle, b rolls and everything in between.

And guys, for all the white furniture work done here, except the chairs,
And that’s it for all the things in my desk the tools I use to work, and the mini-tour of the place.

What was your favorite thing on this desk, I KNOW my favorite things are of course the Western Digital Storage device and my HS8 monitors… am I allowed to

Anyway, comment which one of the WD/San Disk products you’d love to win and you’ll get them right away, 1 winner will be selected.

I’m also experimenting with giving away 1 phone every month so watch out for one of my next reviews.

And guys,, I do get them from Musicbed, they’re a great platform for getting super dope music from

My link in the description helps you get a 30-day free trial and you get to access some very dope music and depending on your channel afterward you


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