Unboxing And Review The Huawei Watch GT2

Unboxing And Review The Huawei Watch GT2
Unboxing And Review The Huawei Watch GT2

This Huawei Smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT2 was released in September of 2019, the same time that the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 which I have here and have

I’ve had it for the better part of the week now and in this article, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about it and things I like and like a bit less.

So I got this Huawei Smartwatch, the Watch GT 2 from Jumia and it’s currently Jumia’s Tech week till the 29th of March.

When you get on Jumia now, a lot of prices on tech items have been slashed, again till the 29th of march and all you need to access

these deals on smartphone purchases, accessories, appliances and everything in between is to download the Jumia Mobile app right now, I’ve provided the links in the description and you can

get a lot of the tech items you want at very discounted rates, Opening up the box, what we get with the Huawei Watch GT 2 is, of course, the

watch itself and from my first impressions, it does look slick with that front OLED display which I’ll come to later.

As far as accessories in the box itself, we have the Charging cable which of course is a USB C Cable and the charging cradle or dock both of

those I’ve never had to use since I got them because the battery life of this thing is just a beast,
We also get the Quick Start Guide and the Warranty Card.

That’s pretty much all you get in the box.

We have regular glass on the front panel of the GT2, stainless steel frames around it with inscriptions of numbers around the bezels that don’t rotate and of course,

this is the sports edition so we get the red band and also stainless steel buckle.

On that ceramic back is where we get the charging ports, the four circle clusters which Huawei calls the heart rate sensor, and some inscriptions all over it.

On the left side of the watch is where we’ve got the microphone and on the other side is where we’ve got the speakers, then the up and down buttons.

Yes, they are called Up and Down Buttons.

The Up button acts as the power button when you press and hold it.

To Power on, off, and restart the watch.

When you just press it, however, it’s the menu button.

The Down button is also a menu button but for the workouts and serves as an enter button only in this mode.

There’s sort of his and hers theme going on with the bezels that have numbers around and no numbers.

These also come in 4 variants, very recognizable by the bands that they have.

One is the Sports Edition and it has black stainless steel all around it and rubber bands, the classic edition with the stainless steel and leather bands, elite edition

with titanium grey, stainless steel coating as well as the elegant edition with that rose gold vibe both with that classy type bracelet.

I have the sports edition right here with me with the red band finish and you can take this off by just toggling the switch at the edge of

the watch where the strap is and it comes off easily.

The screen of the GT2 is an OLED, of course, touchscreen 1.4-inch display, it’s, of course, Circular and it’s got a screen resolution of 454×454, 1:1 ration and

Internal storage on this guy is 4GB but I had a little less than 2.5GB to work with on this guy.

It’s in the Huawei Health App that you’ll need to update your phone’s watch face which it does very instantly and a bunch of other settings.

But not so fast, you see, Huawei isn’t still back on the Playstore or in the US fully so you will need to download Huawei Mobile Services app (now

called the HMS Core app) off the Huawei Website and not on the Playstore as the one on there isn’t the latest version.

This is just the small sacrifice you’ll need to make to use the watch.

minutes. But doing this will constantly check which will reduce battery life a lot but this comes disabled out the box.

You should also note that the most effective way to wear these are to have a finger length in space from your wrist and have them firm on your

wrist so that the heart rate sensor can work much better.

Like every other watch, after a while, it may begin to wear your hand out but it’s there for a reason.

You can also transfer music to your watch, when I checked before I added any song it had 2.2GB space free which, to be honest, is quite small for

me and also transferring songs to the watch was a bit slow in my opinion, a bit too slow even as it is Bluetooth 5.1.

That being said sound quality from the watch was not too bad, with the speakers directly, they sound just okay, a bit rough and thin, here how it sounds:

but if you’re working out and don’t want your phone to get in the way or you don’t want to have to keep changing music from your phone, that’s where

your watch comes in handy and you can change the music on the go while listening on wireless headphones.

I’ve been using these red wireless earbuds which I teased in my Mi Note 10 review.

I got not just 1 or 2, just kidding, I got 5 of them from Jumia and I’ll be sending all them your way to 5 winners in the

You can also use my code SAFEFISAYO and get a 10% discount when you order before the 29th of March.

The Mi Buds are a bit bass-heavy and something like the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds which I did a mini-review of on my Instagram worked well with this watch.

I found call quality on the app to be decent without any headphones, the speaker was plenty loud and I had no complaints about my voice on the other

You can’t make calls on the lesser versions of the GT2, just the 46mm version which is what I have here.

From the main watch face’s interface, you can scroll right to get to other apps like the heart rate monitor, stress levels, weather, music, step, and activity counter back

to your watch face and it’s only here that you can scroll down to see the control center or scroll up to see the notifications you’ve had.

Pressing the Up button shows you a list of all the apps you get and it’s quite a lot.

The regular stuff you’re used to and there’s this feature I like, the find my phone feature and when you tap it, here’s how it sounds: When you’re

deep in the menus, there’s no back button, however, you can swipe back like you would in gesture mode on a smartphone and this will take you to the previous

The down button that goes to the workouts by default is also customizable in the settings to choose any item from the menu and mine is set to Music.

This watch has standby mode as well and in the settings, you can choose how long you want it to stay on, for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Its processor is the Kirin A1 which is shared across board with the 46 and 42mm and battery life is rated for up to 2 weeks without heavy use

on the 46 and 1 week on the 42.

It’s also 5ATM aka atmosphere or water-resistant up to 50 meters and has GPS support, works with your iPhone as well. Of course, I’m still testing out all

the work out features and due to social distancing I can’t go to the gym to give a lot of details about the workout section of the watch, however, and

overall I think I’m enjoying the quality of the watch so far.

The first 24 hours of wearing the watch, I didn’t use it as much and it went from 69% when I unboxed it to 64% and then subsequently to

58% the next day, it’s been 4 days switching between the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and this and this is now 46%.

64% to 46% in 4 days, I wish my phone could do that but then again, this is small and it’s got a 455mAh battery which isn’t pushing through

Remember in the beginning I said I didn’t need the charger?

first time I’ll have to charge this watch and that’s because I found it hard to drain since I had it at the beginning of the week and it’s been

To charge it, you simply align the charging dots to the magnets on the charging cradle or dock.

Huawei recommends wiping the charging port before charging.

I’ll share my charging results on Twitter like I always do so follow me there as well.

I like the design of this watch, it looks really bold and sporty and overall not a bad choice for the hefty price tag of 79.900 or almost

I’ll be using it for a bit sharing more of my thoughts about it.

also, guys, I’d love for us to be safe this season, I put out a video a couple of days back on Instagram, wash your hands and practices

social distancing, I’ll leave a link to the NCDC and Ministry of Health circulars in the description as well as useful information for you to stay protected and stay safe.

Even in my immediate location, the supermarket I usually visit are only taking orders via WhatsApp and Jumia already has delivery riders who are trained to help you with

your orders in this period, they’ll be wearing gloves and face masks and will only do contactless delivery I.e to reduce the use of cash and everyone should too.

Thanks a lot for watching guys, what do you think about the Huawei GT2, smartwatch?

again, Tech Week, formerly mobile weekends on the 29th and it’s mainly a huge discount period you can take advantage of for home appliances, accessories like this Huawei

All the links will be in the description.


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