Very Affordable The iPhone SE 2020

Very Affordable The iPhone SE 2020
Very Affordable The iPhone SE 2020

Hey guys, it’s Fisayo here and this week, Apple silently announced the iPhone SE 2020.

but this one particularly piqued my interest because a) it’s a very affordable, quote-unquote, very affordable iPhone at 399 or 167 thousand Naira.

Which it might be more when it eventually comes to Nigeria and b) I’ve reviewed the iPhone 11 which is a very dope smartphone I must admit, that also

sort of shocked people that an iPhone could be that low in price which started at $699 or 290,000 Naira.

Also, guys, shout to WesternDigital again, I’ll be giving one more storage device to you guys,

want and of course, watch till the end for more details.

I already announced the first winner in a previous one so this winner will be announced a week from now.

If you remember correctly the iPhone SE, the original iPhone SE, the OG was announced 3 years after the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5s was announced in September 2013 and then the SE was announced in March 2016.

3 years and they both look the same, same build quality, same display all of that it had the same processor as the latest flagship at that time,

This time around the iPhone 8 was announced in September of 2017, right?

And now 3 years later, we’ve got the iPhone SE 2020 in April of 2020 and of course, the same build as the iPhone 8, same display as the

iPhone 8, only that it’s got the processor of the iPhone 11 Pro.

Which is, of course you guessed it, the most recent processor that iPhone makes, the A13 Bionic chip.

So on the Apple website, it says iPhone 11 Pro called, it wants its chip back. I thought that was dope.

So why is this iPhone SE even necessary and should anyone even buy this, like what’s the catch for Apple to want to make an iPhone of 399 or

Well, first of all, it’s not all of a sudden.

Speculation has been since, practically for the longest time that there will be an iPhone 9 or a budget iPhone.

Second of all, it’s in line with what has worked for Apple and it’s Apple, people are going to buy new iPhones anyway and this is a very very

an affordable way of entering the Apple ecosystem or you know, having an iPhone.

This is the first time you can buy an iPhone brand new, the SE 2020 now which is 399, add AirPods 2 with the wireless charging case to that

and an Apple Watch Series 3 and for $757 or 314 thousand Naira, you already have a better set up for your Apple Mobile ecosystem instead of just using that

$757 adding a little more money to buy just 1 iPhone 11 which is almost the same quality internally as this new phone but with better cameras and you don’t

Plus, if you get a new iPhone now, you get free Apple TV for a year and access some great shows that aren’t on Netflix.

Also, totally random but not really umm, the iPhone SE 2020 is priced at #419 pounds in the UK, * confused * 419 Okay okay okay, That is all

well and good but it’s not the most innovative smartphone right now.

I mean, as we’ve established it’s pretty much the iPhone 11 in the body of an iPhone 8.

So what about the technicalities and specs on this guy.

Firstly, in the box of the new iPhone SE, it’s the very regular things you get normally, the iPhone, EarPods, Lightning to USB Cable, and the old 5W power adapter.

Nothing else, no fast charger nothing of the sort so, yeah.

The display quality on this iPhone 8, sorry, iPhone SE 2020, is the very same as the iPhone 8.

Retina IPS LCD, 4.7 inches, 750 x 1334 pixels, 625 nits of brightness, exactly the iPhone 8.

The same goes for the body of the device, the same as the iPhone 8 in size, weight, and dimensions.

However, the colors this comes with are the Black, white and red, no rose gold like the iPhone 8 and they have black fronts this time, unlike having white

in front of the iPhone 8, which I very much prefer black.

Because when you’re watching movies or something, say at night, the black sort of fades while the white is all up in your face, and it doesn’t hide

Speaking of Bezel, we are now back to 2017 with Touch ID, yes, we have a fingerprint reader in front and I somehow feel like the iPhone SE

2020 is for people who may want to upgrade from an older iPhone say 7 or 8 and trust me, there are still a lot of people

that like small phones and are fans of Touch ID.

If or when I do get my hands on this guy, I will have some DejaVu moments because.. I know I’m saying it too much but it’s almost just

an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro inside the iPhone 8’s body.

The good thing or the thing I will commend apple about in this device is adding the A13 bionic chip, the 7nm chipset that came on the iPhone 11

With AR capabilities, their newest GPU capabilities so yes, that’s something worthy of note, this phone will be fast, I just wish it was maybe an OLED but

for 399, that’s a bit of a stretch, especially for Apple.

Because of the A13 Bionic chip, you get Portrait mode with adjustable blur, this came on the iPhone XS if I rememberer correctly which is a pretty nifty feature.

It’s called Depth Control, plus Portrait Lighting, with the modes which we didn’t see on the iPhone 8, and the camera shoots 4K but I’m not sure if the

Optical Image stabilization feature that this has worked in 4K but it has Optical Image Stabilization.

There’s also a QuickTake feature which lets you record a video when you press and hold on to the Camera button, right now, pressing and holding takes multiple shots.

I think this feature may come with an update but we can’t be too sure.

Battery life on the new iPhone SE 2020 is only 1,821 mAh exactly just like the iPhone 8 and it’s capable of 18W fast charging which the iPhone 8 isn’t.

The mAh is so small but hey it’s supposed to optimized to Apple’s iPhone.

This phone is also rated for video viewing up to 13 hours and as advertised it can be charged from 0 – 50% in 30 minutes with the 18W

It’s water-resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, IP67 just like the iPhone 8 as well.

The expected release date for the iPhone SE 2020 is the 24th of April and we’re expecting to see how this goes down, but what are your thoughts on this iPhone.

Is it something you see people buying or will you buy it, drop a comment below and let’s chat about it.

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