The Samsung Super Ultra wide Curved Monitor


Intro This is the Samsung 32:10 Super Ultra-wide curved monitor.

It’s a 43 inch monitor codename: Cj89, we’re going to look at what’s inside this box, we’re going to unbox this and we’re going to

look at some of its features that I really liked, Without further ado,
Inside the box, as far as accessories go, we’ve got the Monitor Stand, it’s not a $1,000 stand, ah em, but it does the job.

This monitor stand however, does feel durable and a lot heavier that it looks and it even works well for cable management.
Then we have the Legs for the stands which is wide enough to hold all 43 diagonal inches and of course the power cable.

Underneath that is the monitor itself and of course, it’s been taken out of the box so there aren’t any nylons on my review unit.

That aside, this is when you’ll attach the Monitor stand onto the back of it.

It clips on at first and then you’ll use your screw drive to tighten it up firmly.

From here you’ll bring the back cover and it Locks all the screws away nicely.

You also have this lever right here that when you pull it, it can take away the back cover and you can run your wires into the stand, this

for some cable management which i said I’ll explain later.

This is actually going to be a way for you to disguise or hide your wires and I thought it was such a cool concept.

It also has this screw with twisting aids of some sort, and it’s very easy to install the legs.

Total set up time would take you 5 to 10 minutes.

As far as Display quality, First off, it’s a Curved Display in terms of the screen and as far as build quality, I’ll get to that in a bit.

Screen resolution for this monitor is 3840 by 1200 and of course it’s a 43 inch screen.

One of the main highlights of this monitor is the high refresh rate at 120Hz and as someone who’s coming from a lot of smartphone use, this is a

This Samsung monitor can also switch between 120 and 60Hz for optimized performance as well.

People who game with this monitor will really benefit from what it has to offer.

timeline on a much wider frame or even split the screen and multitask.

It’s not one of Samsung’s high end OLED panels though, this is a VA Panel which is somewhere between IPS and TN panels.

Be warned that this isn’t your regular 16 by 9 aspect ratio display, or your 21:9 aspect ratio but rather a 32 by 10 one and you should be

The body is quite sturdy on this monitor.

In total weight it’s about 35.5 pounds or 16.1 KG and this can also be wall mounted and for that, you’ll need a 100mm VESA mount bracket.

However, it you’re a desk set up person, the lefts will hold up perfectly and you shouldn’t expect any problems at all.

From the side the monitor looks quite weird not only because it’s curved but it’s a 43 inched curve again, however, it does the job.

got a standard HDMI port which I’m currently connected to, a DP In port, 3 USB C ports, 1 is a 15 watt for mobile a 95 watt for PC

and a third for PC IN and for a monitor that came out in 2018, that’s not bad at all.

You also have 2 Standard USB ports, a USB 3 port and 2 headphone jacks.

Which I think they are all very well placed and kept clean in the back of the monitor.

You pretty much have it easy on here.

There’s a back panel for the monitor itself to lock away all the ports you have.

Once you’ve added your cables, you can cover the back panels and it just snugly clips in.

This cable is then run into the monitor stand and the cover for the stand also helps with this.

You may notice the cables from the side but from the front, it’s almost invisible.

In terms of Custom features, you’ve got the Built-In KVM Switch feature, you can connect two computers to this at once which splits the screen in two and can

work independently of each other and it’s got Eye Saver Mode to reduce strain in your eyes.

Usually other super wide monitors I’ve seen within this price range are either 34 or 35 inches from many other brands, this is the CJ89 and Samsung makes the

CRG9 which costs a little more and has a higher resolution with the same refresh rate and also a much higher 49 inch display, but this is actually the widest

It’s one I’ve been interested in for a while but been looking at from afar and thankfully Samsung offered to send one our way for a review and these

that nice 120Hz Display certainly helps for those using it for gaming, although it doesn’t have the FreeSync


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