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I just got this Huawei device, the Y7P which I made a video about and you can find that linked in the description of this.

That being said, this is all about the Huawei App Gallery.

Just like Apple has the App Store and Google has the Play Store well, Huawei now has the AppGallery.

Why is this so and what does the App Gallery have to offer?

In this video, I’ll talk about that and more and as always, I’ll have my timestamps in the description below so you can skip ahead to different sections of

Without further ado,
So to get started in May of 2019, the US Government placed Huawei on its entity list this meant that all US companies including Google are stopped from

In summary, Google cannot work with Huawei on a new device model or provide any of their apps like Gmail, Maps, YouTube, the PlayStore and others for download or

So you’re probably asking, is it worth it to buy a new Huawei device especially if I lose access to these things?

I’m not here to tell you yes or no, however, I want to look at what Huawei is doing about this situation and for people who are

interested in the value that the brand has to offer in their smartphones and also work around these services,

Looking at many many android devices we’re used to today, they usually come with Google Mobile Services or GMS which is a suite of the apps I mentioned earlier,

YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Playstore, and the likes and Huawei’s solution here is HMS which stands for Huawei Mobile Services.

For a quick overview, Huawei Mobile services have the App Gallery while you have the Google Playstore on GMS, Huawei Cloud with 50GBs of Storage and Google Drive with

15GBs, as a substitute for Gmail, Huawei has Huawei Mail, and of course, as a substitute for Chrome, there’s the Huawei Browser.

More apps and substitutes aren’t necessarily made by Huawei, like Here Maps but that’s a later discussion.

And they also have their proprietary app like the Health App which connects seamlessly to your Huawei Smartwatch, you know I had to mention that, I made

a video about this smartwatch too which is interesting and affordable, I’ll link it below or in the card up above.

So you’re probably asking, okay, Fisayo, I got a new Huawei device what’s the first thing I should do?

One thing I liked that Huawei gave users right out the gate was Phone Clone, an app that comes with your device and the way it works, you’ll install

it on your other device which you want to migrate from or you want to leave and it instantly sends or clones that data to your Huawei device.

I used it and it did work well and helped with moving large apps across my devices to my Huawei device of course so you won’t lose anything.

What if you didn’t have any older devices or this was your first smartphone, well another method you can use and this works for those who have already migrated

their data from the older device to the new one and want to use the very popular apps, many apps like TikTok and Snapchat are on the Huawei App Gallery

itself which is again for lack of a better word, as the play store but on Huawei devices now.

Back to Popular Apps, for WhatsApp for instance, when you search for it, it’s liked in the App Gallery, it does link straight to the WhatsApp website itself from

the App Gallery and you can just straight-up download it from there.

download page and just download the app or Android Package Kit, the app file itself.

One other thing I also want to mention is YouTube, of course, you won’t be able to get the app to work and for that, you can just use

the browser or you can download OperaMini which is a secure browser that saves you data as well to watch YouTube videos.

Another thing to note is that Gmail works on the default Huawei Mail app so nothing to lose and a substitute I saw for Google maps, maybe not quite

there yet was Here and you can even download maps by their countries which I thought was cool I was able to get Instagram from my transfer via Phone Clone,

however, it’s not available on the AppGallery for some reason even when Instagram is a Facebook product.

You can also download the app file itself and I’ll leave links in the description for trusted Third-Party sources to download your apps from.

This also applies to Facebook Messenger.

For many apps you may want and not get on the App Gallery directly, you can get it via another app called APK Pure which is one of the

I’ve been using this app before and the App Gallery scans each app before it installs them which is an extra security measure.

Don’t just download any app because fake apps can carry malware that may be used to access your data and you don’t want that.

Of course, I was able to still download games like Call of Duty and PUBG again via APKPure and Asphalt was even straight out the Huawei App Gallery so

there’s pretty much nothing lost except a few extra steps to be taken which I’ve detailed in this video and of course, if you do have any questions, don’t hesitate

to drop a comment below and I’ll do my best to reply to everyone.

Something interesting stats I saw was that 1.5 million developers have signed up to the Huawei App Gallery and they even have over 60,000 apps now connected to the

For App developers, the Huawei App Gallery has created incentives to publish their app on the AppGallery by offering 85% of revenue and even some like educational apps will

earn up to 100% of the revenue they make compared to 70% from the GooglePlay store.

This is a huge deal and I’m looking to see how this goes.

If you’ve had a Huawei Device, you may have seen the App Gallery alongside Playstore and now is the time to see how much value is inherent here

and I really can’t wait to see how well this does.


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